The Silent Buddha And The Rich Man

The Silent Buddha And The Rich Man Story

A Long Time Ago, A Very Rich Man Lived In Benares In Northern India. When His Father Died, He Inherited Even Greater Wealth. He Wondered Why I Should Only Use This Treasure For Myself. May My Friends Benefit From This Wealth Too, Which Is Why He Built Canteens.

At The Four City Gates, In The Northeast, South, And West, In These Halls, He Distributed Food Free Of Charge To Everyone.

He Became Famous For His Generosity. It Also Became Known That He And His Followers Were Practicing The Five Steps Of Teaching In Those Days. Was A Silent Buddha Meditating In A Forest Near Benares, He Was Called Buddha Because He Was Enlightened, Which Means That He No Longer Felt Like What I Or I Called A Being, Something Different From All Life Living By Itself. Therefore He Was Able To Experience Life. In Fact, At Every Present Moment, Being One With All Life, He Was Full Of Compassion And Empathy For The Misery Of All Beings.

So He Wanted To Teach Them And Help Them Become Enlightened Like Himself. Was This The Worst Time In Our History? A Very Sad Time It Was A Time When No One Else Could Understand The Truth And Experience Life As It Really Is, And Since This Buddha Knew That This Is Why He Was Silent While Meditating In The Forest Of Silence, The Buddha Entered A Very High Mental State, His Concentration Was So Great That He Remained In One Position For Seven Days And Nights Without Food Or Drink, When He Returned To His Normal State, In Which He Was Threatened With Starvation.

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Normal Time Of The Day. He Went To Collect Food For Alms At The Mansion Of A Rich Man From Benares. When The Rich Man Had Just Sat Down To Dinner, He Saw The Silent Buddha Walking With His Bowl, He Got Up From His Seat, He Respectfully Ordered The Servants To Go And Give Him Alms.

Meanwhile, Mara, The God Of Death Who Looks After Mara, Is One Who Is Full Of Greed For Power Over All Beings, He Can Only Have This Power Because Of The Fear Of Death, Since Buddha Lives Life F In The End, At Every Moment He Does Not Want A Future Life, Is Not Afraid Of A Future Death, Therefore, Since Mara Could Not Have Power Over The Silent Buddha, He Wanted To Destroy Him, When He Saw That He Was Close To Death From Hunger, He Knew That He Had A Good Chance Do Before The Servant Was Able To Transfer Food Into The Hands Of The Silent Buddha, The Chalice Of Mara Summoned A Deep Pit Of Hot Coals Between Them. When He Saw Him, It Was Like Entering The Hellish World. The Servant Was Scared To Death. I Ran Back To My Master. The Rich Asked Him Why He Returned Without Giving Alms. Food.

He Replied, My Lord, Right In Front Of The Silent Buddha There Is A Deep Pit Full Of Hot Hot Cold. The Rich Man Thought That This Man Should See Things, So He Sent Another Servant With Alms Of Food. He Was Also Frightened By The Same Pit Of Fiery Cold. Several Servants Were Sent, But All Returned In Fear Of Death. There Is No Doubt That Mara, The God Of Death, Must Be Trying To Prevent My Good Reason From Feeding The Silent Buddha, Because Doing Good Is The Beginning Of The Path To Enlightenment. This Mara Wants To Stop Me At All Costs, But He Does Not Understand My Confidence In The Silent Buddha And My Determination To Give.

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So He Himself Took Food For Weapons To The Silent Buddha. He Also Saw Flames Rise From The Pit Of Fire, Then He Looked Up And Saw The Terrible God Of Death Soaring In The Sky. He Asked Who You Are, Mara Replied: I Am You The God Of Death? Did You Create This Pit Of Fire? Ask The Person Whom I Told God Why You Did This In Order Not To Give Charity And Thus Force The Silent Buddha To Die In Order To Deprive You Of Your Health. The Act Of Helping You On The Path To Enlightenment So That You Remain In My Power. The Rich Man From Benares Said That Omara, The God Of Death, Is Evil, You Cannot Kill The Silent Buddha And You Cannot Interfere With My Beneficial Gift.

Let’s See Whose Determination Is Stronger. He Looked Through The Raging Pit Of Fire And Said To The Calm And Meek Enlightened One: O Silent Buddha, May The Light Of Truth Continue To Shine For Us As An Example, In Addition To This Gift Of Life, Therefore, Saying That He Completely Forgot Himself, And At That Moment Did Not There Was A Fear Of Death, When He Stepped Into The Burning Pit, He Felt Himself Being Lifted By A Beautiful Cool Lotus Flower. The Pollen Of This Wonderful Flower Flew Into The Air And Covered Him With Shining Gold As He Stood In The Heart Of The Lotus. The Great Being Poured Alms Into The Chalice Of The Silent Buddha Mara.

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The God Of Death Was Defeated In Gratitude For This Wonderful Gift. The Silent Buddha Raised His Hand To Bless The Worshiping Rich Man Worship, Folding His Hands Over His Head. Then The Silent Buddha Left Benares And Went To The Himalayan Forests, Still Standing On A Wonderful Lotus, Shining With Golden Color. Clear Your Mind. He Told Them That Giving Alms With Such A Pure Mind Is A Great Merit, And Indeed, It Is Truly A Gift From Life When He Finished Teaching The Theoretical Pit And The Wonderful Cool Lotus Completely Disappeared.

The Silent Buddha And The Rich Man Moral

In Life, Do Not Be Afraid When You Do Something Good Do Not Be Afraid To Do Good Deeds When Your Heart Is In The Right Place You Not Only Help Them, But Also Help Yourself To Find Enlightenment In Order To Become Enlightened, So Have Strength And Courage When You Do Something Good. Be Fearless, My Friend, Be Fearless.