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Deal With Problems

The Man And His Donkey Went To The Pasture, And The Donkey Fell Into A Huge Pit. The Man Was Shocked And Struggled To Lower His Beloved Donkey To The Ground.

Despite His Persistent Attempts, He Failed To Return The Donkey. But He Cannot Leave The Donkey To Starve And Die Of Pain For Several Days.

So He Decided To Bury Him Alive And Make His Death Smoother. And He Began To Water The Donkey With Earth In The Pit.

When He Poured The Earth, The Donkey Felt The Load, Shook It Off And Stepped On It.

He Does The Same Every Time His Body Is Watered With Earth. Eventually, He Reached Ground Level And Easily Went To Graze In Green Pastures.

Moral Of The Story

Don’t Choose To Live With Your Problem. Just Get Rid Of Your Problems, Stand On Them And Take A Step In Life, Learning From Them.

Every Bad Experience Is A New Learning Curve. So Take Advantage Of This And Work Towards Your Goals.

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