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Beggar And The Old Woman

Once A Beggar Was Sitting In The Temple And Begging For Meals.

All He Needs Is Three Meals A Day.

After Long Hours Of Begging In The Scorching Sun, He Somehow Manages To Get Three Meals A Day.

He Was Happy.

One Day A Kind Woman Came To The Temple And Saw A Beggar. She Felt Regret And Decided To Help Him.

She Came To The Temple Every Morning, Afternoon, And Evening To Feed Him.

She Felt That One Bag Of Food Was Not Enough And Gave Him Two Bags For Each Meal.

This Went On For Several Days.

Soon The Beggar Stopped Walking And Begging.

Every Day He Sat Under One Secluded Place And Waited For A Woman. He Enjoyed The Comfort.

One Late Morning A Woman Came To The Temple.

The Beggar Said, “Madam, Be Punctual, Please. I Can’t Wait Here Hungry For You To Come.

And If Possible, Please Change The Menu Tomorrow. It’s Boring To Eat The Same Food Every Day. “

The Woman Smiled And Left.

Moral Of The Story

If You Give More Than Is Required, You Will Lose Respect.

If You Give Too Much, More Is Required Of You.

Too Much Help Kills Gratitude.

Sometimes Our Kindness Makes Others Lazy.

Our Kindness Shouldn’t Make Us Stupid.

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