Woodcutter And The Lion

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Woodcutter And The Lion Story

Once Upon A Time There Was A Lion, The King Of The Forest. He Was Always Accompanied By A Jackal And A Raven. They Followed Him Everywhere And Ate The Remains Of His Food.

A Woodcutter Lived In A Village Not Far From The Forest. Every Day He Went With An Ax To The Forest To Chop Wood.

One Day, When A Woodcutter Was Chopping A Tree, He Heard A Noise Behind Him. Turning Around, He Saw A Lion Staring Straight At Him, Ready To Jump.

The Woodcutter Was An Intelligent Man. He Quickly Said, “Hello… The King Of This Forest. Nice To Meet You. “

The Lion Was Surprised. “Nice To Meet You? Are You Not Afraid Of Me? “

“I Really Respect You … Lion. I Was Hoping To Meet You. You See, My Wife Is A Great Cook. I Wanted You To Try This And The Vegetables. “

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“Dahl? Vegetables? Don’t You Know That I Only Eat Meat? The Lion Asked In Surprise.

“If You Try My Wife’s Cooking, You Will Stop Eating Meat,” The Woodcutter Said Proudly.

The Lion Was Very Hungry And Took The Lumberjack’s Food.

“It’s Good That The Jackal And The Crow Are Not With Me Today,” Thought The Lion. “They Would Have Laughed At Me.”

Leo Was Surprised To Find That The Food Was Really Delicious. “I’ve Never Eaten Such Good Food,” He Said.

“You Can Share My Food Every Day, O King. But No One Should Ever Know About Our Friendship. You Must Come Alone. “

Lev Promised. Every Day The Lion Ate The Lumberjack’s Lunch, And Their Unusual Friendship Grew Stronger Every Day.

The Crow And The Jackal Were Eager To Know Why The Lion Had Stopped Hunting. “We Will Starve To Death If The Lion Stops Hunting,” The Jackal Whined.

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“You’re Right,” Said The Crow. “Let’s Try To Figure Out What Happened To The Lion.” The Next Day, They Followed The Lion From A Safe Distance And Saw That He Was Eating Lunch Brought To Him By A Lumberjack.

“That’s Why The Lion Doesn’t Hunt Anymore,” The Jackal Said To The Crow. “We Have To Get The Lion To Share His Meal With Us. Then Maybe We Will Break His Friendship With The Woodcutter, And The Lion Will Start Hunting Its Prey Again. “

When The Lion Returned To His Den That Evening, The Raven And The Jackal Were Already Waiting For Him. “My Lord, Why Have You Forgotten Us? “Please, Let Us All Hunt Like We Are Accustomed To,” Pleaded The Crow And The Jackal.

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“No! I Stopped Eating Meat Because I Met A Friend Who Changed My Old Habits, ”said The Lion.

“We Would Also Like To Meet Your Friend,” Said The Crow.

The Next Day, The Woodcutter, As Usual, Was Waiting For His Lion Friend. Suddenly He Heard Voices. The Woodcutter Was A Very Careful And Intelligent Person. He Immediately Climbed A Tall Tree.

In The Distance, He Saw A Lion Approaching. With Him Were A Raven And A Jackal. With These Two Next To Me, My Friendship With The Lion Won’t Last Long, He Told Himself.

The Lion Went Up To The Tree And Shouted To The Woodcutter: “Come Down And Join Us. This Is Me, Your Friend “.

“Maybe So,” Shouted The Woodcutter. “But You Broke Your Promise To Me. If These Two Can Make You Break Your Promise, They Can Make You Kill Me Too. You Can Forget About Our Friendship.”