The Professor

The Professor Story

One Day A Professor Entered The Class And Asked His Students To Prepare For An Unexpected Exam. All Of Them Were Looking Forward To The Start Of The Exam At Their Desks.

The Professor Passed The Exams, As Usual, With The Text Down. To Everyone’s Surprise, Students Must Turn The Sheets Over. There Were No Questions. Just A Black Dot In The Center Of The Sheet.

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The Professor, Seeing The Expression On All Faces, Told Them The Following

I Want You To Write About What You See.

The Students Were Confused. We Began An Inexplicable Assignment At The End Of The Lesson, The Professor Passed All The Exams And Began To Read Each Of Them Aloud In Front Of All Students Without Exception.

The Professor Began To Explain That I Was Not Going To Give You Grades. I Just Wanted To Give You Something That You Don’t Think Of Anyone.

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Remembering A White Sheet Of Paper Everyone Was Focused On The Black Point, And The Same Is Happening In Our Life, However, We Insist On Focusing Only On The Black Point.

Health Problems That Worry Us. A Lack Of Money. Disappointment With Friends Dark Spots Are Very Small Compared To Everything In Our Life, But They Are The Ones That Pollute Our Minds.

Take Your Eyes Off The Blackheads In Your Life. Enjoy Every Blessing Life Gives You. Be Happy And Live In Love. Then The Bell Rang And The Students Left To Live Their Lives.

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The Professor Story Moral

In Life, If We Focus Only On Our Failures, Health Problems, or Problems That We Forget, Then In Fact More Than 90 Of Our Lives Are Blessed With Beauty With Opportunities With The Chances That Every Day Gives Us A New Chance, New Opportunity.

Do Not Ignore Your Problems, But Focus On The Good Things In Your Life, And Gradually You Will See That Your Life Will Change To A More Beautiful And Fulfilling Life.