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Deal With Ignorance

Once Upon A Time, A Bodhisattva Was Born As The Son Of King Brahmadata At His Naming Ceremony, The Royal Priests Prophesied That The Prince Would Become A Good And Noble Ruler, Famous For His Five Weapons At The Age Of 16.

The Bodhisattva Left Home And Went To Taxila. His Education After Completing His Studies, His Teacher Presented Him With Four Weapons, A Bow And Arrow, A Sword, A Pointed Wheel And A Club, When On The Way Home The Prince Faced A Terrifying Thick-skinned Orc Who Took On Various Terrifying Images That Threaten The Prince.

The Bodhisattva Fought With Four Kinds Weapons, With Their Own Limbs And Head, Alas, To No Avail, They All Stuck To The Thick Skin Of The Orcs, But The Orc Could Not Kill Him, Stunned By This Expression On His Face About The Prince’s Calmness, Are You Not Afraid Of Death, He Grunted Something.

I Didn’t Have A Single Weapon Left, There Is Lightning In My Body, Eat Me, And You Will Be Destroyed Too Hmmm Thought The Orc If He Took The Risk, But This Man Seemed To Be Talking To Ruth, And So He Released The Prince’s Fifth Weapon.

On Which The Prince Hinted, Was His Wisdom, Which He Then Preached To York, Urging Him To Abandon His Bloody Ways, Which Would Only Lead To Even Greater Darkness And Suffering In His Coming Birth, In Which The Orc Agreed To Become The Guardian Of The Forest And The Surrounding Villagers.

Moral Of The Story

In Life, The Orc In This Fairy Tale Is A Metaphor For Ignorance And Stupidity, So In Real Life Situations, When You Are Faced With Ignorance And Stupidity, As The Buddha Preached, Cold Detachment And Mindfulness Will Save You When All Other Possibilities Are Exhausted, So Remember That Your The Fifth Weapon Is Your Wisdom And Your Mindfulness.

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