Golu And The Crane

Contents Of The Story

Golu And The Crane Story

Once upon a time, there was a cook named Golu. His owner had guests for dinner, and Gol was told to fry the crane.

Golu felt hungry and ate one leg of a crane.

At dinner, when the master saw the missing leg,

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He shouted: “Goal ! Why does this crane have only one leg ?”

Golu replied, “Sir, have you not seen cranes before? They only have one leg !”

To teach Gol a lesson, the next morning his owner took him to a nearby pond.

Golu exclaimed, “Look, Master! Cranes only have one leg !

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The owner clapped his hands, and all the cranes extended their other legs and flew away.

“You fool! You saw that they have two legs!” exclaimed the Master.

Clever Golu replied: “Sir, why didn’t you clap your hands at the table? You would have two legs !”