A Glass Of Milk And Plate Of Short Eats

A Glass Of Milk And Plate Of Short Eats Story

There Was A Very Poor Boy In The City. He Was A Small Salesman Who Sold Handmade Items Such As Basalts, Earrings, Earrings, And Chains, Door By Door. In This Way, He Earned Money To Pay For His Studies.

One Day When He Was Going Door To Door As Usual. He Felt Very Hungry And Weak. Because On The Last Day He Didn’t Eat Anything. He Felt That He Could Not Walk Without Eating Or Drinking Something. I Decided To Ask For Food At Home.

He Knocked On The Door. And A Middle-aged Woman Opens The Door. With Great Hesitation, He Asked The Woman For A Glass Of Water. He Thought That No One In The House Would Give Food. And He Decides To Walk The Rest Of The Day In A Glass Of Water.

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However, The Woman Understood His Condition And Offered Him A Huge Glass Of Milk And A Plate Of Snacks. The Little Boy Felt Very Happy Seeing This And Thanked Her. He Still Can’t Believe In His Food. Because He Hasn’t Drank Milk For Several Years.

The Little Boy Drank A Glass Of Milk And Had A Snack. Then He Asked The Woman, “How Much Do I Owe You For This Meal?”

The Woman Replied, “It’s Free For You, Little Boy.” Then Little Boy Left The Women’s House, Thanking Her Again.

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Years Have Passed. Unfortunately, The Woman Who Treated This Little Boy In The Past Became Ill And Was Diagnosed With An Extremely Rare Nervous Disorder. Many Experienced Doctors Were Embarrassed By Her Condition, And She Was Admitted To The City Hospital With The Most Modern Equipment.

Dr. Levin, A Renowned Neurologist, Was Called To The Hospital For An Examination. Dr. Levin Found That A Woman’s Illness Is Very Difficult To Cure, Even With Exceptional Knowledge. However, Through Perseverance, Hard Work, Careful Handling, And Observation, The Woman Was Eventually Completely Cured.

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In The End, The Woman Was Handed A Hospital Bill. With Trembling Hands, She Opened It. She Was Stunned To See That The Account Had Been Crossed Out And Canceled And Beneath It Was A Note Signed By Dr. Levin.

“Bill Paid Many Years Ago With A Glass Of Milk And A Plate Of Snacks.”

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