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The Speaker Began His Seminar By Demonstrating $ 20 To The Public. He Asked People “who Needs It?” No Wonder They All Raised Their Hands. He Offered To Transfer The Money To One Of Them But Insisted On Doing Something With It.

He Crumpled Up The Paper Money, Showed It To The Crowd Again, And Repeated The Question. Nevertheless, Everyone Raised Their Hands.

He Then Threw The Money Into The Ground And Stepped On It, And Then Picked It Up Again And Offered It To The Public.

The People Gathered There Still Showed Interest In This Money, Despite Seeing How Dirty The Bill Was. He Told The Public, “No Matter What I Did With This Money, You Still Wanted It.

You All Supported My Proposal Only Because The Value Of Money Never Diminished, Despite Everything I Did About It. Likewise, Value Yourself Despite Painful Conditions Or Setbacks. “

Moral Of The Story

Believe In Yourself And Work Hard To Be Successful. Appreciate Yourself, Regardless Of Setbacks And Obstacles, And Do Not Humiliate Yourself Just Because Of A Temporary Failure.

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