Contents Of The Story

Shadow Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Man Who Was So Alarmed By The Sight Of His Own Shadow And So Unhappy With His Steps That He Decided To Get Rid Of Both Methods That.

He Used To Run Away From Them. So, He Got Up And Ran, But Every Time He Lowered His Leg, There Was Still One Step Until His Shadow Kept Up With Him Without The Slightest Difficulty.

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He Explained His Failure By The Fact That He Was Not Running Fast Enough. So, He Ran Faster And Faster, Without Stopping, Until One Day He Finally Fell Dead.

He Could Not Understand That If He Just Enters The Shadow, His Shadow Will Disappear, And If He Sits Down And Stays In Place, There Will Be No More Steps.

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Shadow Story Moral

In Life, If You Run Away From Your Problems, The Faster You Run, The More You Try To Get Away From Them, You Will Never Achieve This.

You Cannot Get Rid Of Your Steps And Shadows By Running, But There Is One Very Simple Solution – Go To The Shadow And Sit In The Shadows, And The Steps Will Disappear In The Blink Of An Eye.

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Your Shadow And Your Steps Do Not Follow You, They Are Part Of You, But You Can Decide How Often They Will Appear.