You, Will, Be Reworded Soon For All Of The Pain.

Be Soft But Not Weak, Be Strong But Not Violent.

They Laugh At Me When I Have Nothing, Now They Give Others Example Of Me.

Even If No One Believes In You,
Believe In Yourself And Keep Going.

Start With A Dream Then Turn It Into Reality.

People Say It My Luck !

First Step Towards Success Is Always The Hardest.

Next Stop Only At The Top.

Nowadays, Loyalty Is Rare If You Find It Then Value It.

Your Friend Circle Defines What You Will Become.

Sometimes In Life, You Have To Take The Risk.

Stay Calm But Notice Everything.

You Are Here To Do Great Things Believe It.

In Life, Stand For What You Believe Even If Have To Stand Alone.

Life Is A Journey So, Don’t Forgot To Enjoy It.

In Order To Achieve Your Goal, You Have To Leave Your Comfort Zone.

Never Let People Know Too Much About You.

Happiness Is Something You Can’t Find You Have To Make It.

Forgot The Past But Always Remember The Lesson.

It’s Your Word Which May Attract A Strong People Or Offend A Weak.

Forgot About Proving Others Do It For Yourself.

Excellence Is Not A Skill It, Is An Attitude.

Don’t Rush The Process,
Great Things Takes Time.

Life Doesn’t You Gives You What You Want,
It To Gives You What You Deserve.

Every Successful Story Has Many Unsuccessful Pages.

Stop Judging Others & Start To Improving Yourself.

Karma Has No Menu You Served What You Deserve.

Not Everyone Has Access To Me Because I Want Peace More Than Attention.

Live For Today, Not For Tomorrow.

Big Dreams Start With Small Steps.

People Would Not See Your Struggle They Only See Your Success.

You Can’t Stop A Winner From Winning, And A Loser From Losing.

If You Want To Succeed In Life Then Stop Making Excuses.

Never Forget The Person, Who Helped You While Everyone Else Making Excuses.

Train Your Mind To Stay Calm In Every Situation.

Have Faith In Yourself, You Have Survived A Lot, And You’ll Survive Whatever Is Coming.

They Laugh At You Cause They Don’t Know What You Are Capable Of.

Life Is Not A Game Of Luck If You Wanna Win Work Hard.

If It Was Easy Then Everyone Would Do It.

Privacy Is Power What People Don’t Know They, Cant, Ruin.

Forgive Yes,
Forget Never.

You Can’t Break Someone Who Found Strength In Their Own Destruction.

Die With Respect, But Don’t Let Your Respect Die.

Fear Is Just An Illusion.

Attitude Is Everything, Make Sure You Pick A Good One.

Walk A Mile To Avoid A Fight,
But When One Starts Don’t Back Down.

People Start Hating You
When They Can’t Reach Your Level.

In The End, You Only Have Your Self.

A Winner Is A Loser Who Tried One More Time.

Be Who You Are,
Not What Others Would Like You To Be.

Eagles Don’t Hang Out With Chickens

Confidence Is Silent
Insecurities Are Loud.

Sometimes Friends Are More Dangerous Than Enemies.

Find Some Real Friends And Keep Them Close

Make Friends Who Force You To Level Up

The More You Try To Convince People The More They’ll Oppose You

People Come And Go But The Real Ones Stay Forever

We Suffer More In Imagination Than In Reality

People Don’t Change They Reveal Who They Really Are

Always Remember That Your Present Situation Is Not Your Final Destination

In Your Bad Days Be Positive. The Sun Will Rise Again.

Remember In Life Do What You Want And Always Move Forward.

One Day Or Day One Choice Is Yours

Every Morning Say This Once
I Am The Best, I Am Strong, I Can Do It.

Its Is Hard To Beat Someone
Who Never Gives Up.

In Life Stand Up For What Is Right
Even If It Means Standing Alone

Before You Start Anything, First Learn How To Finish It

Life Does Not Get Easier You Just Get Stronger

Don’t Let People Know Too Much About You

Remember No Matter How Good You Are, You Can Always Be Replaced

One Day You Will Look Back And Say – Finally, I Made It.

Use Your Pain As Fuel And Keep Going

Your Salary Is The Bribe They Give You To Forget Your Dreams.

Being Alone Makes You Strong

Pain Changes People Some Become Rude Some Become Silent

Be A Game Changer,
The World Is Already Full Of Players.

If You Can Face Your Fear Then Nothing Will Stop You.

Be Kind Be Humble Be A Beast

Everything Starts With A Dream

Money Is Not Everything But Everything Needs Money Keep That In Mind

Act Like A Fool Think Like A Brilliant

Don’t Trade Your Respect For Attention

Success Hugs You In Private, Failure Slaps You In Public That Is Life

Be Careful Who You Trust The Devil Was Once An Angel.

The Only Thing Holding You Is Yourself.

Train Your Mind To Stay Calm In Any Situation.

Thinking Is Difficult That Is Why Most People Judge.

Second Chances Are Rare, Use Your First Chance Wisely.

Everything Comes To You At The Right Moment,
Be Patient.

If You Don’t Take Risks, You Will Work For Someone Who Does.

Love Is Not My Cup Of Tea,
I Prefer Money More Than Honey.

When Money Speaks Nobody Checks The Grammar.

You Will Never Know Until You Try.

You Don’t Lose Friends,
You Lose Undercover Haters,
Real Friends Can Never Be Lost.

Life Is Better When You Don’t Care.

Don’t Test Me,
Even If I Like You A Lot,
I Can Still Ignore Your Whole Existence.

Become So Rich That You Forgot It’s Payday.

It’s Not About Fighting It’s About Proving Yourself.

Work Like A Slave Live Like A King.

I Don’t Work For Money I Work For Freedom.

Hard Time Will Always Reveal True Friends.

Money Without Free Time Is Worthless Free Time Without Money Is Pointless.

What You Seek Is Seeking You.

Happiness Depends On You Don’t Expect Someone Else To Give It To You.

Youth Is The Best Time To Be Rich And The Best Time To Be Poor.

I Can Accept Failure But I Can’t Accept It Without Trying.

One Mistake And Everyone Starts Judging You.

We Don’t See Things As They Are We See Things As We Are.

You Have Not Even Seen My Bad Side Yet.

Learn To Sit Back And Observe Not Everything Needs A Reaction.

Be Strong You Never Know Who You Are Inspiring.

Be The Best F*ck The Rest.

Never Tell Anyone Your Plans Show Them The Results.

The Angry Mind Never Finds An Opportunity.

Your Goals Don’t Care About Your Feelings.

Falling Down Is An Accident Staying Down Is A Choice.

In The End, We Only Regret The Chances We Don’t Take.

Sometimes You Have To Go Through The Worst To Get The Best.

Risk It The Price You Pay For The Opportunity.

A Real Beast Doesn’t Stay In The Crowd.

Don’t Settle For Anything Lesser Than Your Dreams.

If Your Goal Set You Apart From The Crowd Stay Alone.

The Mouth Can Lie Eye Cant People May Forgot Karma Will Not.

Loyalty Is Rare If You Find It Keep It.

Understand The Consequences Of Your Actions.

Focus On Where You Want To Go Not Where You Are.

One Day Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes Make Sure It’s Worth Watching.

Your Followers Are Not Always Your Fan.

Don’t Try To Rush Things That Need Time To Grow.

Die With Memories, Not With Dreams.

Take The Risk Or Lose The Chance.

Don’t Forget To Enjoy Your Life While Chasing Your Dreams.

Failure Is Your Way To Success.