The Three Wishes

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The Three Wishes Short Story, The Three Wishes Short Story In English. The Three Wishes Short Story In Hindi.

The Three Wishes Story

Once upon a time there was a woodcutter and his wife who lived in the forest. He worked very hard. They were poor but very happy. One day, the woodcutter was looking for trees to fell. He found a big, very strong tree in the forest. When he tried to shoot her, he suddenly heard a voice. “Help me please!” The woodcutter tried to find where the voice was coming from. It was coming from the fallen tree behind him. He looked down and saw a fairy under the tree. The fairy wings were stuck under the fallen tree.

“Please help me out of here. My wings are stuck under this tree. “Oh poor fairy, but how can I remove this big tree?” asked the woodcutter. “I’ll tell you how to get me out,” said the fairy. The woodcutter did as the fairy told him. He used the axe and the stone as leverage. “Very well thank you!” said the fairy. “Now you can go. I have to chop down this big tree before it gets dark,” the man replied. “I would like to thank you for saving my life. Go home and make three wishes. Then the three wishes will come true,” the fairy said.

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The woodcutter ran into the house. “Oh! Dear, first make a delicious meal with what you have, I’m very hungry now. Then I will give you surprising and wonderful news said the woodcutter to his wife. “Oh, we only have soup. I wish we had sausages too,” the woman cried. Suddenly, sausages appeared on the table. “Oh no! A fairy made us three wishes. Now we only have two left. You wasted a wish. Oh, I wish those sausages were stuck in your nose. cried the woodcutter. Suddenly the sausages got stuck in his wife’s nose. “What’s going on here? Ahhh!” cried his wife.

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“Now we used two wishes. But oh, how funny you look. Ha! Ha! Ha!” the woodcutter laughed. His wife was getting more and more angry: “I have sausages stuck in my nose. Why are you laughing? Help me! Oh, I would like to…” “No! No! S “Please stop, Be careful what you say. We only have one wish left. Let’s try to get the sausages out of your nose first,” the woodcutter advised. the sausages from his nose. They put grease on it and pulled. They pulled and pulled some more! But the sausages were still stuck in his nose. The woodcutter and his wife were very sad. “What shall we do now? I wanted to wish for a big house and food but there is only one wish left. But I can’t live with sausages in my nose,” cries his wife.

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The woodcutter thought for a moment and said, “We have no choice. We must make our last wish to get the sausages out of your nose. The woman was relieved and wanted to remove the sausages from her nose. And finally, the sausages came out of his nose. “What a waste, I was going to wish for firewood to keep us warm this winter. His wife said, “Honey, I really thank you for using the last wish for me.” Both realized that they were happy before the three wishes, And they could be happier without them. Finally, they ate the sausages for supper and enjoyed their meal. They both enjoyed each other’s company and lived happily ever after.