Cookies Story

One Night, A Woman Was Waiting At The Airport A Few Hours Before Departure. She Looked For The Book In Airport Shops, Bought A Packet Of Cookies, And Found Somewhere To Throw It.

She Was Absorbed In Her Book But Accidentally Saw That The Man Sitting Next To Her Was As Brave As Possible. …

Pulled Out One Or Two Cookies From The Bag, Which She Tried To Ignore To Avoid The Scene.

So She Chewed Cookies And Watched The Clock As The Cocky Thief Reduced Her Supplies. As The Minutes Passed, She Became More And More Irritated, Thinking, “If I Hadn’t Been So Nice, I Would Have Painted His Eye.”

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For Every Cookie She Took, He Took One, And When There Was Only One Left, She Wondered What He Would Do. With A Smile On His Face And A Nervous Laugh, He Took The Last Cookie And Broke It In Half.

He Offered Half, And He Ate The Other, She Snatched It From Him And Thought …

Oooh, Brother. This Guy Is Nervous And Also Rude, Why Didn’t He Even Show Gratitude!

She Never Knew When She Was So Carried Away And Breathed A Sigh Of Relief When She Was Called To Flee. She Packed Her Things And Headed For The Gate, Refusing To Look Back At The Thieves’ Ingratitude.

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She Got On The Plane And Got Into Her Seat, Then Found The Book, Which Was Almost Complete. When She Got To Her Luggage, She Gasped In Surprise When She Saw The Bag Of Cookies In Front Of Her Eyes.

“If Mine Is Here,” She Moaned In Despair, The Others Were His, And He Tried To Share. It’s Too Late To Apologize, But She Realized With Bitterness That She Was Rude, Ungrateful, Thief.

Cookies Moral

Take Your Time To Judge The Actions Of Others.
Sometimes We Can Make Mistakes And End Up Being Even Bigger Fools.

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