God Wants Something Better For You

God Wants Something Better For You Story Video

God Wants Something Better For You Story Video

God Wants Something Better For You Story

Once Upon A Time, When Siddhartha Walked Among Us, There Was A King, He Was The Ruler Of A Small But The Prosperous Kingdom. This Kingdom Was Surrounded By Many Warring Neighbors But Was Never Affected By Any Of Their Conflicts.

So The King’s Subjects Attributed Their Peacefulness Life With His Wisdom And Diplomatic Ability, But He Knew Better That He Had An Old Trusted Advisor Who Never Left Him.

This Advisor Possessed True Wisdom, He Was A Real Leader And Never Left The Side Of The King. The King Is Upset, Sometimes He Always Said That Life Leads You Because God Wants Something Better For You.

So One Day The King Called One Of His Maids And, As Usual, Asked Her To Heal His Royal Arms As He Was Completely Vain. She Always Wanted To Look Perfect, But On This Special Day There Was A Storm Outside, And While She Was Grooming The King’s Nails, A Mighty Thunder Shook The Palace And Scared Her So Much.

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When She Was Thrown From The Chair, And When One Of The King’s Fingers Was Cut Off With Sharp Scissors, Blinded By Rage.

The King Shouted With Her Into The Dungeon, And While The Guards Carried Away The Crying Girl, He Heard The Usual Solemn Voice Of His Advisor Life Is Failing You, Therefore God Wants To You Something Better Because This Time He Was So Full That He Could Not Take It Anymore.

In A Rage The Next Day He Threw His Adviser In Prison With The Poor Girl To Calm Down. In Anger, He Rode Alone Into The Forest, And He Rode And Rode Until He Suddenly Noticed That He Was No Longer Alone, He Was Surrounded.

The Scary-looking People Threw Him Off The Horse And, To His Surprise, Carried Him Away. You Know Who I Am. “I Am The King,” He Shouted, But They Worshiped Kali And Did Not Care At All About His Social Status. All They Needed Was A Sacrifice For Their Goddess.

He Cried Desperately As They Took Off His Royal Robes To Prepare Him For The Ceremony, But Then One Of Them Noticed That He Was Missing A Fingertip And They All Suddenly Started Screaming And Throwing Dirt At Him, As His Imperfection Meant An Insult To Their Cruel Mrs. So They Drove Him Into The Mud And Terrorized When He Was Still Alive.

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When The King Finally Got To His Palace, His Initial Anger Almost Disappeared And He Immediately Gave The Order To Release The Maid And His Advisor, You Were Right Again My Dear Friend, He Spoke With Him, When They Both Relaxed In A Basin Of Fragrant Water But Now Explain To Me One Thing.

How It Was Better For You To Spend The Night And Day In The Dungeon He Asked With A Perky Smile His Faithful Comrade Answered With His Usual Calm You See My King If You Have Not Seen Threw Me Into A Dungeon, I Would Have Been With You Today When You Were Ambushed By The Parishioners Of Kali, And I Have No Lost Fingers.

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God Wants Something Better For You Moral

In Life, Do Not Get Angry Or Get Angry Too Much If Sometimes Something Goes Wrong, And Sometimes What You Initially Think Of As A Curse Is Actually A Blessing. Maybe You Will Not See It Right Away, But After A Few Days After A Few Months Or Even Years, You Will Find That The Only Way To Get To The State You Are In Now Is To Survive These Setbacks And Fight.

So, Do Not Swear The Day Before Sunset, Because Sometimes We Do Not See More. Imagine That You Trust The Universe Because It Will Take Care Of You.

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