Non-Judgement (Maybe)

Non-Judgement (Maybe) Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was An Old Farmer Who Had Been Growing His Crops For Many Years. One Day His Horse Ran Away After Hearing This News. His Neighbors Came To Visit Such An Accident, They Sympathetically Said That Perhaps The Former Farmer Responded The Next Morning And The Horse Returned With Her.

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These Are The Other Three Wild Horses. As The Neighbors Wonderfully Exclaimed: “Maybe They Answered The Old Man.”

The Next Day, His Son Tried To Saddle One Of The Indomitable Horses. They Threw Him And Broke His Leg. The Neighbors Again Came To Express Sympathy For His Misfortune. The Day After The Military Came To The Village To Draft The Young People Into The Army,

When They Saw That Their Son Had A Broken Leg, They Walked Past Him. According To The Farmer, The Neighbors Congratulated The Farmer On How Well Things Might Have Turned Out.

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Non-Judgement (Maybe) Story Moral

In Life In Life, Like On A Farm, You Must Practice-Without Judgment. You Must Understand The True Nature Of Life, That You Cannot Judge Any Event As The End.

There Are No Definite Interruptions That Separate One Moment From The Next, And There Is No Perfectly Articulated Goal That Also Builds Everything.

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There Is Always Tomorrow, And Regardless Of Whether Today Was Good Or Bad, There Are Millions Of Effects That Can Arise From One Event, Good And Bad Are Interconnected.

This Does Not Mean That We Cannot Be Happy, On The Contrary, It Means That We Need To Realize This Truth And Live So That We Are Constantly Aware Of It In Order To Find Peace And Happiness.