The Honest Man

The Honest Man Story

Once Upon A Time, A Poor And Rich Family Lived At The Foot Of The Mountain. There Was A Large Forest At The Top Of The Mountain. Every Day The Head Of A Poor Family Went To The Forest To Get Firewood To Sell For Food And Clothing. A Stone Lion Lived In The Forest. Usually, The Poor Man Puts Barley Flour And Butter In The Lion’s Mouth And Says, Please, Eat This Brother Lion. One Day The Poor Man Heard A Voice – Friend, You Are A Good Man.

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The Poor Man Got Scared And Told Brother Leo That You Had No Host To Feed You, So I Gave You Some Food. I Don’t Have Good Food Because I’m Poor. You Are An Honest Man Tomorrow Morning Before The Sun Rises Here And I’ll Give You Something – The Lion Said. The Man Took The Wood And Came Home The Next Morning He Went To The Lion. The Lion Said Listen – There Is A Lot Of Gold In My Stomach, You Can Take A Little, But When The Sun Rises, You Have To Remove Your Hand From My Belly, Because At This Time My Mouth Will Close. Yes, I Understand, Said The Man.

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Now The Poor Man Put His Hand In The Belly Of The Lion, And Soon He Filled A Small Bag With Gold, That’s Enough For Me – He Said Thank You And Went Home. The Poor Man Was Now Rich, His Rich Neighbor Was Jealous And Asked How You Got So Rich. An Honest Man Told Him About The Stone Lion. The Rich Man Put On Old Clothes. I Went To The Forest And Did It Every Day Like A Poor Fellow. He Feeds The Lion With Flour And Oil. And He Brought Firewood.

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Once Leo Repeated What He Had Said To The Poor Fellow. The Rich Man Was Very Happy And Came The Next Day With A Big Bag. He Took A Lot Of Gold From The Lion’s Stomach. The Sun Rose, But The Greedy Person Still Did Not Have Enough And A Lump. The Lion’s Mouth Squeezed His Hand And Never Opened Again.

The Honest Man Story Moral

In Life, No Matter How Rich You Are, How Rich You Are, If You Are Greedy You Will Never Have Enough, And Therefore You Will Always Be Poor, But If You Are Poor But Generous And A Good Person You Will Always Be Rich.