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One Day A Woman Who Had Worked All Her Life To Bring Goodness Had One Wish Fulfilled, And She Said, Before I Die, Let Me Visit Both Hell And Heaven, And Her Wish Was Fulfilled, She Was Taken To A Large Dining Room Where There Were Tables. Delicious Food And Drinks, And Around The Table There Are Unhappy Glances Of Starving People, No Matter How Unhappy It May Be, Why They Are Like That.

She Asked The Angel Who Followed Her, Glancing At Their Hands. The Arms Were Long Chopsticks Fixed Above The Elbow, Unable To Bend The Elbows.

People Were Aiming Chopsticks At The Leg, Which They Missed Every Time, And Sat Hungry, Disappointed And Unhappy, In Fact, This Is Hell, She Said, Take Me Out Of Here, And Then An Angel Took Her To Heaven

Again She Was In The Same Big Dining Room With Tables Piled High With Delicious Looking Food And Drinks, But This Time Around The Tables Sad People Laugh Joyful Satisfaction Without Chopsticks, I Guess She Said, “Yeah, They Look Like Hell, They’re Long And Attached Above The Elbow, But Listen, People Have Learned To Feed Each Other. “

Moral Of The Story

In Life, Sometimes Heaven And Hell Can Be The Same Place With The Same People, The Only Difference Is How We Treat Each Other, How We Help Each Other Because Everything Depends On Us If We Do It.

Our Life Is Heaven Or Hell On Earth, So The Next Time You Think About Feeding Yourself, Perhaps Think About How You Could Feed Someone Else.

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