Secret To Success

Secret To Success Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Young Man Who Worked In A Factory, His Mentor Was An Old Technician Who Taught Him To Speak Less, Do More, And Never Stop Developing His Skills In All Areas Of The Factory. Ten Years Later, The Old Man Retired, And The Young Man Himself Became A Technician, He Continued To Do His Job With The Same Dedication And Zeal As He Was Taught When He Visited His Mentor.

The Old Man Saw That He Looked Unhappy And Asked What Was Bothering Him, The Young Man Sighed And Poured From The Bottom Of My Heart I Have Followed Your Instructions Exactly All These Years, No Matter What I Work On, I Remain Silent And Focus On The Job I Know, I Did A Good Job In The Factory And I Learned All The Skills That Can Learn There Understand, That Guys Who Don’t Have My Experience Or Ability Got Promoted, And I Still Earn As Little As I Did When I Was Your Apprentice.

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After A While He Turned To The Young Man To Ask For A Day Off For The Reason You Had To Give Yourself A Break. The Young Man Was Surprised By This Advice, But The More He Thought About It The More It Made Sense, He Thanked His Teacher And Quickly Left To Ask For A Break, When He Returned To Work After The Day Off, The Manager Called Him Into The Office To Say That Things Were Not Going Very Well On The Factory, While He Was Away, Others Faced Many Problems That He Usually Solved, And They Did Not Know How To Solve Them.

Realizing His Importance, The Manager Decided To Promote Him To The Position Of Senior Technician In Order To Thank And Support Him To Continue In The Same Spirit. The Young Man Was Grateful For The Wisdom Of His Mentor, Undoubtedly. He Believed That This Was The Secret Of Success From The Moment When The Young Man Felt That He Deserved More Than What He Received. If He Takes A Day Off, When He Returns The Next Day, The Situation Will Improve To His Satisfaction, This Picture Lasted For Several Months.

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One Day A Young Man Found That His Entrance To The Factory Was Blocked, To His Great Shock He Found That He Was Fired From His Job, He Did Not Believe It, Not Knowing What Else To Do, He Went Back To His Mentor To Try To Figure Out Why Everything Went Wrong, Why I Lost My Job, He Asked With Offended Pride, I Didn’t Know Do Everything The Way You Do They Tell You That You Didn’t Do It Because You Heard Only Half Of The Lesson.

The Old Man Shook His Head, You Immediately Realized That No One Pays Attention To The Light Bulb, Which Is Always On, And Only When It Goes Out, People Suddenly Notice And Understand That They Took It For Granted That You Were So Eager To Apply This Understanding That You Left Before You Even Heard The Second Half Of The Second Half.

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The Young Man Began To Realize That He Might Have Made A Big Mistake, That He Was Paradise Half Mentor R Spoke Slowly To Emphasize His Point Of View. The Second Half Is More Important Than The First – It Is The Realization That If The Light Bulb Goes Out Often, Then Sooner Or Later It Will Be Replaced With A More Reliable One. Who Needs A Light Bulb That No One Else Can Count On. Provide Lighting.

Secret To Success Story Moral

In Life, Do You Have Friends And Family Members That You Take For Granted, They Are Always There For You What Happens If One Day They Are No Longer There? Don’t Wait For A Day Like This To Suddenly Realize How Important They Are. Luck Is That They Are Present In Your Life, Also Do Not Allow Yourself To Take Yourself For Granted, But At The Same Time Do Your Job, And Do Not Stop Everything That You Are Doing Just Because Everything Is Not Going The Way You Want.

To Make Him Go. Balance In Life And In Life Will Reward You By Bringing You Back Into Balance.