86400 INR

86400 INR Story

What Would You Do If You Had 86,400 INR In Your Bank Account And Someone Stole 10 Indian Rupees From It?

Would You Throw Away The Remaining Rs 86,390 For A Smaller Loss? Or Would You Be Grateful For The Remaining Amount And Use It Wisely?

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Everyday Life Gives Us 86,400 Precious Seconds. Often Times, People Steal Some Of These Seconds Because Of Their Negativity Or Conflict Of Interest.

Wise People Decide To Treasure The Remaining Seconds By Using Them Effectively. But Naive People Throw Away The Remaining Seconds Thinking About Their Loss.

Every Second Is A Treasure. We Shouldn’t Waste Them Drowning In Negativity.

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86400 INR Story Moral

Every moment is a treasure.