Crow And The Eagle

Contents Of The Story

Crow And The Eagle is a spiritual motivational short story. Crow And The Eagle Short story in English. Crow And The Eagle is the best short story for kids.

Crow And The Eagle Story

It Was A Clear Spring Day. The Sun Was High In The Blue Sky. A Flock Of Sheep Grazed Merrily On The Hillside. Lambs With Soft White Wool And Curly Tails Played With Each Other.

The Shepherd, Seeing That His Flock Was Safe And Happy, Fell Asleep Under The Spreading Branches Of A Large Old Tree.

Suddenly The Eagle Descended From The Sky. He Pounced On The Lamb And Carried It Away So Quickly That None Of The Other Lambs Even Had Time To Bleat. The Sleeping Shepherd Heard Nothing.

A Crow Was Sitting On A Tree Under Which A Shepherd Slept. He Saw How The Eagle Caught The Lamb And Carried It To His Nest.

“What A Great Way To Dine!” He Thought. “Why Are The Crows Looking For Old Smelly Food?”

The Crow Decided To Do The Same As The Eagle. It Looked Easy Enough. All He Had To Do Was Decide What Kind Of Sheep He Wanted, Bump Into It, Squeeze It As Tightly In Its Claws As Possible And Fly Away With It … Easy!

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If The Eagle Could Do It, So Can He!

The Crow Looked At The Flock Of Sheep To Decide Which Sheep He Needed.

Right Under The Tree, Near The Shepherd, A Big Old Ram Was Grazing. He Had Curled Horns And Thick Thick Fur.

‘Aha! It Must Be Good Food For Me! – Raven Thought Impatiently. He Was Very Hungry And Salivated At The Thought Of A Big Juicy Ram For Lunch.

The Crow Silently And Quickly Flew Into Aries, Seeing The Eagle, And Grabbed Him Tightly By The Fur.

“Now Fly With Him To Your Nest,” Raven Said To Himself. He Flapped His Wings With All His Might, But Aries Could Not Lift.

The Ram Was Big. It Was Too Hard For The Crow. The Raven Tried Again And Again, Without Success.

The Ram Felt The Crow On Its Back And Became Very Angry. What Are You Doing, You Nasty Bird? He Snapped, Looking Over His Shoulder At Him.

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The Crow Clapped Even Harder, Trying To Carry Aries Away.

“Now Stop It!” Exclaimed The Baran. ‘Go Away! Shu! Leave Me Alone! He Jumped, Flinched, And Tried To Throw The Crow Off His Back.

‘Oh Oh!’ – Thought Raven, Alarmed By The Cruel Antics Of Aries. “Maybe It Wasn’t Such A Good Idea! Maybe I Should Look Elsewhere For Dinner! I’d Rather Leave Rama Alone!

The Crow Tried To Fly Away, But Found That It Could Not Move. Its Claws Have Sunk Into The Ram’s Thick Fur! The Crow Jerked Its Legs From Side To Side.

He Flapped His Wings With All His Might. But No Matter What He Did, It Seemed That He Was Even More Stuck.

Oh, How Is He Even Going To Free Himself? The Crow Screamed Loudly In Fear And Despair. The Ram Began To Run Around The Tree, Roaring With Rage. The Shepherd Woke Up With A Start. Who Made This Awful Noise? Were His Sheep In Danger? He Sat Down.

What A Sight! The Ram Ran Around The Tree. On His Back Was The Raven, Screaming And Trying To Rise Into The Air.

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The Shepherd Laughed. Finally, Wiping His Eyes, The Shepherd Stood Up. He Stopped Baran As He Ran Past And Reassured Him With Soft Words.

When Aries Stopped, The Shepherd Took A Pair Of Scissors From His Bag. Holding The Crow With One Hand, He Deftly Cut Off The Fur Until The Crow Was Free.

“What Do You Think You Are Doing, My Dear Friend?” – Asked The Shepherd, Looking At The Crow. “Have You Played Eagle?”

The Shepherd Laughed Again.

The Crow Was Too Embarrassed To Even Croak. He Only Wanted The Shepherd To Let Him Go So That He Could Fly Into His Nest And Hide His Stupid-Head.

Finally, When The Shepherd Let Go Of The Crow, The Crow Flapped Its Wings And Flew Away As Fast As It Could.

“And The Next Time You Want To Become An Eagle, Make Sure You Pick An Animal Of Your Size!” Called The Shepherd After Him.

The Crow, Feeling Stupid And Stupid, Promised Himself That From Now On He Would Only Do What Other Crows Do.