Monkey And Firefly

Monkey And Firefly Story Video

Monkey And Firefly Story Video

Monkey And Firefly Story

The Night Was Cold And Quiet. The Weather Was Very Cold. A Group Of Monkeys Trembled In The Tree. They Clung To His Branches. One Of The Monkeys Said, โ€œI Want To Find Fire. This Will Help Keep Us Warm. “

Suddenly They Noticed A Flock Of Fireflies. One Of The Young Monkeys Thought It Was Fire. He Caught A Firefly, Placed It Under A Dry Leaf, And Began To Blow On It.

Several Other Monkeys Also Joined His Efforts.

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Meanwhile, The Sparrow Flew To Its Nest, Which Was In The Same Tree On Which The Monkeys Were Sitting. She Noticed What They Were Doing. Sparrow Laughed.

She Said, โ€œHello Silly Monkeys, This Is A Firefly, Not A Real Fire. I Think All Of You Should Take Refuge In The Cave. “

The Monkeys Did Not Listen To The Sparrow And Continued To Blow At The Poor Firefly.

After A While, The Monkeys Were Very Tired. Now They Realized That What Sparrow Had Said Was Correct. We Freed The Firefly And Moved To The Nearest Cave.

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Monkey And Firefly Moral

While Perseverance Is One Of The Most Important Qualities Of A Good Student, You Can Learn New Things Every Day.

The Monkeys In This Story Are Of Course Persistent, But Their Hard Work Didn’t Pay Off Because They Refused To Listen, At Least At First.

Always Listen To Your Elders, They Know Best.

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