The Hawk And The Pigeons

The Hawk And The Pigeons Story

A flock of pigeons set up their dovecote around a lush green field. There was another frequent visitor on the field, a hawk. All the doves lived in fear of the hawk.

They have always been on the lookout. Every time a hawk attacked, all the doves hid in their dovecote.

The hawk was in a sorry state. He could not kill a single pigeon for food. Finally, he came up with a clever trick to catch the pigeons.

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One morning the Hawk called the doves from afar: “You all live in anxiety and fear. I can keep you safe from falcons and kites.

All you have to do is make me your king and I won’t bother you anymore.”

The innocent doves believed the Hawk. They discussed among themselves and made Sly Hawk their king. But after a few days, the Hawk began his royal feast.

He demanded to eat a dove a day.

“We rightly believed the Angry Hawk,” said all the heartbroken doves, whose chances were yet to come.

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The Hawk And The Pigeons Story Moral

Some medicines are worse than the disease itself.

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