The Indigo Jackal

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The Indigo Jackal Story

A Flock Of Jackals Lived In The Jungle. They Hunted Together To Eat The Remains Of The Lion’s Meal. One Of The Jackals Has Grown Up. All The Young Jackals Mocked Him And Did Not Allow Him To Share Food.

“I Need To Do Something To Satisfy My Hunger. I Won’t Last That Long, The Jackal Thought.

He Decided To Leave His Backpack And Go In Search Of Food. He Wandered For Many Days, But Could Not Find Food. Wherever He Went, Other Animals Chased Him Away.

In The End, He Decided To Go To The Village In Search Of Food. At Nightfall, The Jackal Walked Through The Village Streets In Search Of Food. Suddenly A Pack Of Dogs Chased The Jackal.

Frightened For His Life, The Jackal Ran As Fast As His Weak Legs Could Carry Him. Finding No Way Out, The Jackal Jumped Into The First Open House He Found.

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Suddenly He Found Himself In A Vat Of Foul-smelling Liquid. It Was A Vat Of Indigo Dye. The House Belonged To A Village Washerwoman. When The Jackal Hastily Climbed Out Of The Liquid And Looked Out In Fear, The Dogs Waiting Outside Howled And Ran Away, Clutching Their Tails Between Their Legs. The Jackal Was Surprised. But Finding That The Dogs Were Gone, He Cautiously Returned To The Jungle.

The Jackal Went To A Watering Hole In The Jungle To Quench His Thirst. When The Jackal Approached, All The Other Animals That Approached Him Fled In Panic. The Jackal Looked Around In Surprise To See What Had Frightened Them.

But He Saw Nothing Wrong. He Was Very Thirsty And Therefore Went To The Watering Hole To Quench His Thirst.

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Leaning Over To Drink, He Was Shocked To See A Strange Creature Of Bright And Unearthly Color, Looking At Him From The Water. The Jackal Was Frightened At First, But Soon Realized That He Was Looking Into His Own Reflection.

He Remembered The Stinking Liquid Into Which He Had Fallen. “So That’s Why All These Dogs And All These Animals In The Forest Were Afraid!” – He Mused To Himself, His Cunning Mind Quickly Came Up With A Plan.

He Called The Frightened Animals. “Do Not Be Afraid Of Me. Brahma Sent Me To Protect You. “All The Animals Immediately Believed Him And Made Him King.

As The Days Passed, The Jackal Became More And More Proud And Lazy. He No Longer Had To Look For Food. His Subjects Brought Him Cat Food And Took Care Of His Every Need. The Jackal Was Very Pleased With His Life.

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One Full Moon Night, A Pack Of Jackals That Used To Belong To A Jackal Began To Howl At The Moon. The Indigo Jackal Has Not Heard The Howl Of The Brothers For A Long Time. The Urge To Howl Was Too Strong For Him To Control. He Threw Back His Head And Began To Howl Happily.

The Other Animals Were Amazed When They Heard Their Heavens Send The King Howling Like An Ordinary Jackal. And Soon They Realized Their Mistake.

“This Is Not An Unusual Animal Sent By Brahma. He Howls Like A Jackal, – Said The Bear. – Yes. He Calls Out To Other Jackals. “He Deceived Us.” “He Must Be Punished,” Several Other Animals Said. “Come On, Let’s Teach Him A Lesson.” The Animals Banded Together And Brutally Beat The Indigo Jackal.