The Camel and The Jackal

The Camel and The Jackal Story

The Camel And The Jackal Were Friends. One Day The Jackal Took His Friend To A Large sugarcane Farm. It Was On The Opposite Side Of The River.

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After A Hearty Meal, The Jackal howled Loudly. The frightened Camel Begged The Jackal Not To Do This. The Jackal Said: “Friend, I Have This Habit After Every Meal. I Can’t Help Myself.

“Soon The Farmers Came And Shouted A Camel. When The Camel Crossed The River, The Jackal Joined Him On His Back.

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Halfway There, The Camel deliberately Dived Into The Water. When The Jackal Screamed In Horror, The Camel Casually Said: I Have A Habit Of Rolling On The Water After Every Meal.

The Poor Jackal Drowned.

The Camel and The Jackal Moral

Every Action Has An Opposite Reaction.