The Red Hen And Her Friends

The Red Hen And Her Friends Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Hen With Five Chicks. The Chicken Was Red As Beets. She Had Three Friends: A Duck, A Cat, And A Dog. Everyone Lived Happily.

One Day A Red Chicken Came Across A Wheat Seed. “Hey, Which One Of You Wants To Plant This Seed?” She Asked.

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“Not Me, Friend,” The Duck Refused.

“I Can’t Either,” The Cat Refused.

“Don’t Count Me,” The Dog Turned Away.

“It’s Ok. Then I’ll Do It Myself, ”said The Chicken. She Planted The Grass And Watered. Alas! It Grew Rapidly, Producing Brownish Wheat.

“Hello! How Much Wheat Does He Want? ” The Red Hen Asked.

“Not Me, Friend,” The Duck Said Boredly.

“I Can’t Either,” The Cat Shrugged.

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“Don’t Count Me!” The Dog Avoided.

“If So, I’ll Do It Myself,” Said The Red Chicken, Working All Day. By Evening She Had Two Sacks Full Of Wheat.

“Hello, Buddy! Which One Of You Will Help Me Grind This Wheat?” She Asked. All Three Refused As Usual.

“I’ll Take Care Of Grinding It Myself. I Will Knead Flour, Knead Dough And Bake Bread! She Announced.

The Next Day She Baked Delicious Bread.

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“Hi, How Many Of You Want To Eat This Bread?” She Asked Cheerfully.

“I Want!” – Answered The Duck, Smacking Her Lips.

“Me Too!” Said The Drooling Cat.

“Delicious, It Smells Good,” The Dog Shuffled Impatiently.

“None Of You Can Get A Snack! I Worked In The Field And At Home. Only Me And My Children Have The Right To Eat This Bread! With That Said, The Red Chicken Fed Its Chickens And Ate A Sumptuous Meal That Day.

The Red Hen And Her Friends Moral

No Pain, No Gain.