The Lion King And The Clever Fox

The Lion King And The Clever Fox Story

Bad Day For Our Mr. Lion King. Pursuing The Rabbit, He Jumped Into A Small Bush, From Where He Came Out Not With The Rabbit But With A Large Thorn In His Palm.

He Called For Help. He Struggled To Pull The Thorn Out. He Shook His Hand, Tried To Rip Out The Thorn With His Mouth, Etc., But All His Efforts Were In Vain. Thorne Began To Smile At Mr. Lion.

Then He Asked For Help From Other Animals. But They Were All Afraid Of The Lion. So The Animals Did Not Come To His Aid.

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Finally, The Lion Approached The Clever Fox. The King Asked-

“Can You Take Out The Thorn, Please? It’s Too Painful For Me. “

The Fox Said, “I Am Not Very Good At This Problem. But I Have A Little Friend Who Is Very Well Versed In This Work. I Will Definitely Ask Him To Help You. But I Have Some Requirements. “

“What Are Your Requirements?” The King Asked.

“This Is Not Just Food Or Money, Your Majesty! You Must Let Me Stab You Five Times In The Back! “- Said The Fox.

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The Lion King Asked With Surprise And Anger, “Do You Want To Hit Me? Don’t You Know Who I Am? “

“I Know! I Know! But I Don’t Have To Remove The Thorn From Your Palm. If You Don’t Want To, I’ll Go. Goodbye,” Said The Fox.

“Hey! Wait! Wait!” The Lion Said And Thought For A Moment: “I Suffer From Pain In A Thorn. It Needs To Be Pulled Out. Let Him Hit Me Five Times. I Just Want To Remove The Thorn. I Will Eat The Thorn Of His Little Friend. “

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The Fox Then Started Kicking The Lion King With His Permission. One, Two, Three … Like This. The Fox Called His Little Friend.

The Little Porcupine Comes. He Pulled The Thorn Out With Ease. The Pain In The Lion’s Palm Has Diminished. But His Mind Was Filled With Anger, Grief, And Frustration.

What To Say! He Was Very Disappointed, Thinking About How To Get Revenge On Him For The Five Punches He Received From The Fox.

How Can He Eat A Porcupine With Thousands Of Needles? Finally, He Had To Bow Before The Great Intelligence Of The Clever Fox.