Story Of The Hungry Cat

Story Of The Hungry Cat In English

The Cat Thought A Lot. Because His Owner Had Left, And Now The Cat Had Nothing To Eat. The Cat Remained At Home Alone For Several Days. He Made Painstaking Efforts To Deliver Food From Anywhere In The House. But All His Efforts Were In Vain.

Then The Cat For The First Time In His Life Decides To Leave The Apartment Building. Because The Cat Didn’t Want To Go Out For Food. His Owner Treated His Pet Well.

The Cat Left The House And Looked Everywhere For Food. As The Days Passed, The Cat Lost A Lot Of Weight. The Cat Has Determined That It Is Not Easy For Street Cats To Find Food. The Cat Was Lucky When She Lived With His Mistress.

One Day, A Cat Saw That A Fisherman Had Lost A Basket Of Fish While The Fishermen Were Walking Along The Road. The Hungry Cat Thought This Was The Best Chance To Get Rid Of Hunger And Fill Its Stomach.

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The Cat Only Waits For A Second For The Fisherman To Leave The Area. Then He Removes A Huge Basket Of Fish From The Road And Stops Under A Tree.

This Is Incredible! This Is Not A Raw Fish Bag. There Are Finely Fried Fatty Pieces Of Fish. It Looks Very Tasty. But The Cat Cannot Open The Lid Off The Basket With His Hands And Feet.

She Noticed A Tiny Hole In The Basket, Which Was Enough To Stuff Him. Because In A Few Days The Cat Has Turned Into A Very Skinny Cat Without Food. She Easily Went Inside The Hole.

Since The Cat Hadn’t Eaten For Many Days, She Ate A Lot Of Fried Fish. Without Realizing It, She Constantly Ate More And More Fish. Later, The Cat Realized That She Had Eaten Much More Than She Needed. After Eating A Whole Amount Of Fish, The Cat Is Very Fat!

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Satisfied With The Delicious Grilled Fish, The Fat Cat Tried To Get Out Of The Basket Through A Small Hole. And The Cat Wanted To Take The Rest Of The Fish Home And Eat It For Several Days. Unfortunately, The Big Cat Didn’t Fit Into The Tiny Hole.

She Gets Stuck In The Basket. The Cat Realized That It Would Remain In The Basket For Several Days Until It Lost Weight. And The Cat Will Not Eat Anything Until It Loses Weight.

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Story Of The Hungry Cat Moral

Anything That Is Too Much Is Useless !

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