The Goat And The Goatherd

The Goat And The Goatherd Story

Once upon a time, there was an enterprising goat. He was young, playful, and curious. He asked: “What is on the other side?” The other goats just bleated and ate more grass.

The shepherd will try very hard to return this goat to the past. The goat tried its best to be free as long as possible.

One day, as usual, the goat went to investigate.

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“Oh no! That naughty goat is gone again! Where did He go?” exclaimed the Angry Goatherd.

The shepherd whistled until his throat was dry. He blew his horn until he blushed.

Tired of everything and wishing to return home to a warm supper and a fire, the shepherd threw a stone at a distant goat.

This stone hit the goat’s horn, which split into two pieces.

The shepherd was afraid that the owner would yell at him for breaking the horn. So He said to the goat, “I beg you, don’t tell the owner that I broke your horn.”

The goat said, “You stupid guy, I don’t need to say anything. The broken horn will tell its own story!”

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The Goat And The Goatherd Moral

Don’t try to hide what can’t be hidden.

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