Donkey And Salt

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Donkey And Salt Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Peddler. The Merchant Sold All Kinds Of Goods. Sturdy Shoes For Farmers And Pretty Knick-knacks For Their Lovers, Warm Wool Shawls To Keep The Women Warm And Warm, And Sticky Toffee The Kids Could Chew On Their Way Out Of School.

Sometimes He Sold Fruit And Sometimes Teapots. The Peddler Had A Donkey That Carried All His Belongings. Every Morning The Peddler Loaded The Donkey With His Goods. The Two Of Them Went And Walked From House To House, From Village To Village And From Market To Market.

The Peddler Always Walked In Front, Whistling Merrily. The Poor Donkey Followed Him, Struggling To Keep Up With His Master And Groaning Under The Weight Of His Load.

Every Evening When Their Goods Were On Sale, The Peddler Went Home With His Donkey. The Peddler, Content With His Daily Earnings, Walked Forward, Swinging Coins In His Pocket. The Poor Old Donkey Pursued Him With Sore Legs And Was Tired Of Carrying Heavy Sacks All Day.

“O! My Poor Legs! My Back Hurts!” The Donkey Moaned Every Night, Falling Wearily On The Hay In His Stable.

The Old Gray Cat Who Shared The Stable With The Donkey Shook Her Head And Sighed.

“Poor Old Donkey,” She Said To Herself And Walked Off Into The Night.

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One Morning A Peddler Loaded The Poor Donkey With A Dozen Sacks. The Sacks Were Full Of Salt And Much Heavier Than The Usual Donkey Load. The Donkey Groaned Under The Weight Of The Load, But, As Always, Patiently Carried It.

“Today I Will Make Good Money On This Salt.” The Merchant Said To The Donkey As They Set Off. “There Is No Woman Who Does Not Need To Buy Salt For Cooking And They Will Pay Me Well For It.” Today I Will Become A Rich Man!

And The Merchant Was Dancing A Little Jig In The Middle Of The Road. The Donkey Could Only Think About The Heavy Burden On His Back And The Long Day Ahead.

The Donkey Followed The Merchant. The Sun Was High In The Sky. The Donkey Was Hot, Tired, And Thirsty. He Knew There Was A Stream Of Cool, Sweet Water Ahead. The Donkey Hurried To The Stream As Fast As His Tired Legs And The Heavy Load On His Back Would Allow, And Bent Down To Drink.

The Edge Of The Stream Was Slippery With Mud And Slush. A Donkey With Heavy Bags Of Salt On Its Back Slipped And Fell Into The Water.

“Oooh, Help! Help!’ The Donkey Screamed In Horror, Floundering Furiously In The Water. “I Will Certainly Drown With This Terrible Burden On My Back!”

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But Suddenly The Donkey Felt That It Was Swimming, The Weight On Its Back Disappeared, As If By Magic. He Scrambled Ashore And Shook Himself. Yes! He Has No Weight On His Back!

Of Course, The Bags Were Lighter Because The Salt Dissolved In The Water. But The Donkey Did Not Know This. ‘Finally! This Is A Way To Get Rid Of My Burden, He Thought And Howled With Joy At His Great Discovery.

That Night, He Told The Gray Cat About How He Slipped And Fell Into The Stream And How, When He Got Out Of It, His Load Became Much Lighter.

“No More Heavy Loads For Me,” The Donkey Said, Feeling Very Pleased.

“Every Time I Get Too Much, All I Have To Do Is Pretend That I’m Falling Into The Stream And My Burden Will Magically Decrease!”

The Gray Cat Shook His Head And Sighed. Poor Old Donkey. She Said And Disappeared Into The Night.

The Next Morning, The Merchant Loaded The Monkey Again, This Time With Bales Of Cloth That He Wanted To Sell In A Nearby Village. Be Careful Tonight, Old Donkey, ”he Said As They Set Off. “I Didn’t Make A Cent Yesterday. Today I Need To Earn Twice, Otherwise We Will Go To Bed Hungry Today. “

The Donkey Followed The Merchant And Groaned Under The Weight Of The Rag. His Back Hurt More Than Ever, And His Legs Were Killing Him. He Decided To Find The Stream As Quickly As Possible. Fortunately, The Peddler Followed The Same Path As The Day Before, And Very Soon They Came To The Same Stream.

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The Donkey Hurried Forward, As If Very Thirsty, And, Pretending To Slip, Fell. He Kicked With His Feet To Make Sure The Bundle On His Back Was Soaked Properly.

“In A Moment, My Burden Will Disappear,” He Said To Himself And Began To Kick Some More.

But What Was Going On? Something Went Wrong! His Weight, Instead Of Becoming Lighter, Became Much Heavier And Slowly Pulled Him Deeper And Deeper Into The Stream. Of Course, His Burden Was Heavier, Since The Bales Of Cloth Were Soaked In Water. The Poor Donkey Tossed About In The Water And Screamed In Horror.

“Help Help!” He Exclaimed.

Meanwhile, The Peddler Rushed To The Stream And, Leaning On The Bank, Pulled The Frightened Donkey Out Of The Water.

The Donkey Was A Sad And Depressed Creature That Night. He Again Had To Carry With Him All The Way Home With Him Much Heavier, Sodden And Damp Bales Of Cloth. His Back Really Hurt And, Even Worse, He Caught A Cold.

He Desperately Sneezed Into A Straw. The Old Gray Cat Looked At Him And Sighed. “Poor Old Donkey,” He Said, And Disappeared Into The Night.