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What Is Soul ?

Once A Grandson Came To His Grandfather And Asked: “What Is A Soul ?

His Grandfather Told Him A Story That He Heard Many Years Ago From His Own Grandfather:

It Is Said That There Are Three “I” In A Person Who Supports And Guide Him Throughout His Life. The First “I” Is The Coldest.

Everyone Around Sees Him. The Second “I” Is The Warmest. Only The People Closest To You See It.

The First And Second Always Mean Power Over A Person, And Their Discord Awakens Doubts And Fear In Us. And Only The Third “I” Can Reconcile And Find A Compromise Between The First Two. Nobody Sees It. Sometimes We Are Unaware Of His Existence, But He Is Always With Us.

The Grandson Said: I Have Never Heard Of This.

Grandpa Smiled And Answered: The First “I” Is The Mind. If He Gets The Better Of The Second, The Person Becomes Calculating And Cold.

The Second Self Is The Heart. If He Wins, We Will Become Naive. Then It Is Easy To Offend And Deceives Us. The Third Is The Soul. Only He Can Restore Balance In Us.

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