Reflection Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Great Shah. He Ordered To Build A Beautiful Palace, Which Had Many Wonderful Things. Among Other Curiosities In The Palace, There Was A Hall In Which All Walls, Seals, Doors And Even The Floor Were Reflected.

The Mirrors Were So Clear And Smooth That Visitors Did Not Immediately Notice That There Was A Mirror In Front Of Them, Which Means That The Mirrors Accurately Reflected Objects. Moreover, The Walls Of This Hall Were Made In Such A Way That They Created An Unusually Amplified Echo.

Once A Dog Ran Into The Hall And Froze In Surprise In The Middle Of The Hall, A Whole Flock Of Dogs Surrounded Him From All Sides, From Above And Below.

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To Be On The Safe Side, The Dog Bared Its Teeth – And All Reflections On This Reacted In The Same Way.

The Frightened Dog Barked Desperately – The Echo Imitated Barking And Intensified It Many Times Over. The Dog Barked Even Louder – And The Echo Did Not Lag Behind. The Dog Was Thrown From Side To Side, Biting The Air – Its Reflections Also Darted, Snapping Its Teeth.

In The Morning, The Guards Found The Unfortunate Dog Lifeless And Surrounded By A Million Glimpses Of Lifeless Dogs. There Was No One To Harm The Dog. The Dog Died Fighting His Reflection.

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Reflection Moral

The World Itself Is Neither Good Nor Evil. Everything That Happens Around Us Is A Reflection Of Our Own Thoughts, Feelings, Desires, And Actions. The World Is A Big Mirror.

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