Merchant And The Magic Sticks

Merchant And The Magic Sticks Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Merchant Who Had Many Servants In His House. Once The Merchant’s Wife’s Favorite Necklace Was Disappeared From Her Store. After That One By One The Precious Things In The Merchants House Start To Disappear Continuously.

Now The Merchant Was Troubled By The Thief In His House. The Merchant Suspected That The Thief Would Be One Of His Many Servants, But It Was Very Difficult To Identify And Catch The Thief Among All The Other Servants In His Huge House.

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The Worried Merchant Contacted His Wise Friend About Recent Incidents. After Listening To The Merchant, His Friend Agreed To Help The Merchant And Went To His House. The Friend Gathered All The Servants Of The Merchant And Began To Interrogate All Of Them One By One. He Received An Absolute Refusal From Each Of Them.

Now The Friend Of The Merchant Thinks To Play His Trick. He Handed A Stick To Each Servant Of The Same Length. He Informed Them That The Stick Is Not An Ordinary Stick It Has Magic And The Stick Of The Person Who Is A Thief Will Grow Two Inches The Next Day. Now The Servants Were Ordered To Give The Sticks On The Next Day.

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The Next Day, As Ordered, The Servants Gathered At The Merchant’s House With Their Magic Stick. When The Wise Friend Of The Merchant Examined Each Stick, He Noticed That One Of The Servants Was Holding A Stick That Was Two Inches Shorter Than The Original One.

Merchant’ Friend Said Pointing Towards A Servant – “This Is Your Thief, Merchant.”

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When The Merchant Asked His Friend To Substantiate His Charge, He Said: “Honest People Have Never Been Afraid Of The Growth Of Their Stick. The Thief Had Already Cut His Stick Two Inches Shorter, Fearing That His Stick Would Be Two Inches Long On The Next Morning.”

Merchant And The Magic Sticks Story Moral

The Honest Man In The World Is The One Who Has Nothing To Hide.