Crab And The Heron

Crab And The Heron Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Heron By A Pond Filled With Fresh Fish. The Heron Was A Lazy Creature That Always Sought To Find A Way To Easily Catch All The Fish.

Once He Had An Idea, But Now The Heron Went To The Pond And Winced When She Saw The Expression On His Face. His Friend, A Crab, Came Up To Him And Asked: “What Is Bothering You, My Dear Friend?”

Tsaplya Said: β€œOh, Friend, I Noticed How Fishermen Are Building Nets In A Neighboring Village. Soon They Will Come To Our Pond To Catch All The Fish.”

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Upon Hearing This, All The Aquatic Animals Of The Pond Were Destroyed. The Heron Continued And Said: “Fortunately, I Know About A Pond Not Far From Here, Where All The Fish Will Be Safe And Sound.”

Hearing This From Him, They Felt Some Relief And Believed Him, So Every Day Some Of The Fish Voluntarily Agreed To Carry The Heron In Its Beak To A Safe Pond. From Now On, The Heron Caught Fish Every Day And, Reaching A Large Stone, Ate All The Fish, Leaving Nothing But Bones.

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Many Days Later, The Cunning (smart) Heron Without Any Effort Constantly Caught Fish, But The Wise Crab Was Suspicious Of Herons, And One Day He Volunteered To Go With The Heron To A New Pond.

The Heron Carried The Crab In Its Bread And Soared Into The Sky, Heading Towards The Large Rock, As They Approached, The Crab Was Shocked To See The Bones Of Its Friends Lying Around The Rock.

He Realized That Something Suspicious Was Going On, But Decided To Wait And See. The Heron Carried The Crab To The Rock To Eat It. Seeing This, The Wary Crab Grabbed The Long Neck Of The Heron With Its Claws And Threatened To Strangle It.

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β€œPlease Spare My Life,” The Frightened Heron Exclaimed, Knowing That His Game Was Over. The Wise And Merciful Crab Let Go Of The Neck Of The Heron, Which Promised Never To Be Such A Deceiver Again.

Thanks To The Wise Crab, The Lives Of His Other Friends Were Saved.

Crab And The Heron Story Moral

Truth Never Hides One Day It Reviles Itself Or You Can Say That The Truth Always Comes Out In The End.

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