The Singing Hippo

The Singing Hippo Story

Once upon a time, there was a hippopotamus in the river next to a large and lonely tree. One day a bird came and sat on a tree. The songs and the flight of the bird made Behemoth so envious that he could not think of anything else.

Every day he mourned the fact that he was born a hippopotamus, And this despite the fact that the bird told the hippo many times that he was so lucky that he was so big and such a good swimmer. Finally, Behemoth decided that he would come out of the river, climb a tree, sit on a branch and start singing.

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However, when he tried to climb the tree, it became quite clear that the hippo had neither wings nor claws to climb, and he could not jump. Realizing that he would never be able to handle it, he angrily slammed his full weight into the tree until it crashed to the ground. Then, in triumph, he stepped on the leaves of a fallen tree and began to sing.

Unfortunately, hippos can’t sing either. All that came out of his mouth was a terrible noise, and when the other animals heard it, they all gathered around to laugh at the hippopotamus standing on the branch of a fallen tree and trying to sing like a bird.

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He was so embarrassed by this that he decided never to regret being a hippo again. He also felt bad about knocking over a tree. He used all his strength to lift the tree again, replant it, and tend to it until it fully recovered.

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