Four Friends And The Lion

Four Friends And The Lion Story

Four Friends Lived In A Village Next To A Huge Forest.

They Did Not Go To A Regular School Because The Nearest School Is Also Far From Their Village.

However, All The Children In This Village Learn Something During Childhood.

Their Teachers Are Village Elders. Someone Is Learning To Farm, Someone Is Learning To Fight, Someone Is Studying Village Crafts, Etc. But, What Is Most Interesting, There Was A Magic School That Gave Education In The Field Of Magic.

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While Most Children Study Agriculture Or Industry, Only A Few Study Magic.

Among Them Were Four Best Friends Named Ram, Shyam, Raghu, And Gopal. Three Of Them Are Extremely Intelligent Students Of The School Of Magic And Teaching. They Think Their Friend Gopal Is A Fool.

All Of Them Can In Practice Create Any Magic That They Have Learned Before. The Difference Between The Other Three Friends And Gopal Is That They Practically Apply Their Magical Education.

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One Day They Were Driving To A Magic School. On The Way, They Must Go Through The Forest. There They Cross The Bones Of The Lion.

Ram Decides To Show His Knowledge By Recreating The Skeleton Of A Lion. Another Friend Is Reconstructing The Muscles And Structure Of The Lion. Then Gopal Wants To Show His Superior Abilities By Breathing Life Into The Lion.

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Three Other Friends Tried To Stop Gopal And Warn Him About The Consequences Of His Foolish Work With Leo, But He Did Not Stop.

Ram, Shyam, And Raghu Climbed The Tree Before Gopal Foolishly Proceeded To Carry Out His Plan.

The Lion Revives And Devours Gopal Immediately After He Revives. They Are Saved By The Practical Nature Of The Other Three Friends.

Four Friends And The Lion Moral

It Is Better To Be Practical In The Application Of Education Than To Demonstrate Practicality At Any Time Without Restriction.