The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed Story

Once There Was A Woman Whose Only Son Died. In Her Grief, She Approached The Saint And Said: “What Prayers, What Magic Spells Do You Need To Bring My Son Back To Life?”

Instead Of Sending Her Away Or Talking To Her, He Told Her, “Bring Me A Mustard Seed From A Home That Has Never Known Sorrow. We, Will, Use This To Banish Sadness From Your Life. “

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The Woman Immediately Went In Search Of The Magic Mustard Seed.

First, She Came To The Magnificent Mansion, Knocked On The Door, And Said: “I Am Looking For A Home That Has Never Known Grief. Is This Such A Place? It Is Very Important For Me “.

They Told Her, “Of Course, You Came To The Wrong Place,” And Began To Describe All The Tragic Events That Have Recently Happened To Them.

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The Woman Said To Herself: “Who Can Better Help These Poor, Unfortunate People Than I, Having Comprehended My Own Misfortune?” She Stayed To Console Them And Then Went In Search Of A Home That Had Never Known Sorrow.

But Wherever She Turned, In Shacks And Elsewhere, She Found Stories Of Sorrow And Misery One After Another.

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She Became So Engrossed In Serving Someone Else’s Grief That She Eventually Forgot About Her Quest For The Magic Mustard Seed, Never Realizing That It Had Effectively Banished Grief From Her Life.

The Mustard Seed Moral

Healing Ourselves Happens When We Try To Heal Others. We, Will, Realize That Perhaps Our Problems Are Not As Serious As We Imagine Them To Be.