The Farmer And The Magic Pot

The Farmer And The Magic Pot Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Poor Farmer Who Lives In A Village With His Wife And His Small Child. He Was So Poor That They Always Have To Face Difficulty In His Daily Life. One Day The Farmer was Plowing In His Field While Plowing He Hit Something Hard Now The Farmer Dig Out The Object. Which Is A Large Metal Pot. The Farmer Dug Dipper And Wider In The Hope That He May Find Something More Valuable There. After Hours Of Searching, He Got Tired And Decided To Rest So He Pots His Pick In The Pot And Lay Under The Nearby Tree. When He Woke Up He Got Socked Because Now The Pot Has Hundreds Of Picks.

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The Farmer Thinks It May Be A Magic Pot To Check He Put A Mango From The Tree And Again Went To The Tree And Rest For A While. As The Farmer Suspected Now The Pot Is Filled With Hundreds Of Mangoes. The Farmer Took The Pot And All The Mango To His Home Then He Went To The Town And Sell All The Mangoes He Earns A Handsome Sum Of Money From It. On His Way Back To Home He Brought Some Grapes With Him. He Called His Wife And Told Him All About It And Put Each Of The Grapes He Brought One By One In The Pot By Seeing All of Farmer’s Wife Suggest Him To Keep The Pot In A Secret Place And To Use It Wisely. Soon All Their Problems Are Gone & They Become Rich.

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People Started To Notice How They Became Rich. One Day One Of His Neighbors Find Out About The Magic Pot And So On This Information Reached To The King. The King Ordered His Soldiers To Bring The Pot From The Farmer To His Treasure. The Soldiers Went To The Farmer’s House And Search Everywhere For The Magic Pot. The Mess All The Things Around The House & Finally They Found The Pot & Brought It To The King. The King Saw The Magic Pot & Being Curious To Know How Actually The Pot Works.

He Thought That There Must Be Something Inside It So He Watches Inside The Pot While Doing That The King Falls Into The Magic Pot And While Falling He Lost Consciousness. While He Woke Up He Saw There Are Hundreds Of Kings Fighting For The Throne In The Hall, In The End, They All End Up By Killing Each Other. The News Spread All Over The Country. The Farmer’s Wife Asks His Husband Whether They Go & Get The Magic Pot Back Or Not. The Farmer Said Let It Is They We Don’t Need The Pot Anymore Now We Have All We Need So Let It Go.

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The Farmer And The Magic Pot Story Moral

Learn Too Late Go Of Things & Enjoy The Happiness It Gave You. Curiosity is Not Always Good Sometimes It Brings More Trouble, So Be Careful About What You Are Curious About.