The Little Grey Donkey

Contents Of The Story

The Little Grey Donkey Story

The fair came to the village after a long time. Everyone in the village was delighted with this. The elders wanted to see the big games, while the children ran to enjoy the various attractions. But no one came to the donkey to ride.

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Raghu the donkey-man was sad. “Alas! I won’t be able to earn a penny. What will I give my wife?” Raghu asked as he waited for the children to come to him for a ride.

The little gray donkey was watching all this. He loved his master very much. “How can I help my master?” – he asked. Then an idea came to him, and he began to roar loudly. All the children were surprised to hear the noise and ran to the donkey.

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“What he says?” one child asked. Raghu happily said, “He says come ride me and see how fun it is!” Soon Raghu had many children lined up to ride the donkey. He was very happy and so were the children.