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When A Group Of Frogs Walked Through The Forest, Two Of Them Fell Into A Deep Hole. When The Other Frogs Crowded Around The Pit And Saw How Deep It Was, They Told The Two Frogs That They Had No More Hope.

However, The Two Frogs Decided To Ignore What The Others Were Saying And Tried To Jump Out Of The Hole.

Despite Their Efforts, The Group Of Frogs At The Top Of The Pit Still Said That They Should Just Give Up. That They Would Never Do It.

In The End, One Of The Frogs Listened To What The Others Were Saying And Gave Up, Falling To Death. The Other Frog Continued To Jump With All Its Might.

Again The Crowd Of Frogs Yelled At Him To Stop The Pain And Just Die.

He Jumped Even Harder And Finally Got Out. When He Came Out, The Other Frogs Asked, “Didn’t You Hear Us?”

The Frog Explained To Them That He Was Deaf. He Thought They Were Cheering Him On All The Time.

Moral Of The Story

People’s Words Can Have A Big Impact On The Lives Of Others. Think About What You Are Saying Before It Comes Out Of Your Mouth.

Maybe It’s Just The Difference Between Life And Death.

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