Short Story

Golden Buddha

A Long Time Ago, There Was A Temple In Thailand With A Huge Golden Buddha, And News Came To The Village Where The Temple Was That An Army Was About To Invade.

So They Covered The Golden Buddha With Mud And Concrete To Make It Look Like A Stone Buddha, And The Invading Troops Did Not See That There Was No Value In It.

The Army Entered And Passed The Stone Buddha, And They Had No Reason To Plunder It For Years, The Army Occupied The Village With This Temple And Buddha.

There Was A Time When No One Remembered That Buddha Was Actually Golden.

One Day A Young Monk Was Meditating At The Foot Of The Buddha, And A Small Piece Of Earth, Split Off From The Statue, Showed Its Golden Color, The Monk Did Not Believe His Eyes, Excitedly Ran Back To The Other Monks And Said To Them: And They All Began To Thresh The Statue Until They Understood, That The Whole Statue Was The Golden Buddha.

Moral Of The Story

In Life, You Are The Golden Buddha Inside. You Are Born With Knowledge Of Everything, But Then You Go To School And Learn A Certain Way Of Life, A Certain Way Of Love.

Gradually People Put A Clay Shell Of A Stone Buddha Over You, And You Start To Believe That You Are A Stone Buddha, Not A Gold One, Then Something Or Someone Appears That Cracks Your Shell And Knocks Down A Piece Of Dirt, At That Moment You Look Inside And You See Gold.

As Soon As You Will Understand That Under All The Mud And Concrete You Are Golden, You Will Want To Be Golden For The Rest Of Your Life.

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