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Think Creatively Story

In A Small Italian Town Hundreds Of Years Ago, A Small Business Owner Owed A Large Sum Of Money To A Moneylender.

The Moneylender Was A Very Old, Unattractive-looking Guy Who Accidentally Fell In Love With The Daughter Of A Business Owner.

He Decided To Offer The Businessman A Deal That Would Completely Write Off His Debt. However, The Catch Was That It Was Only Possible To Write Off The Debt If He Married The Daughter Of A Businessman.

Needless To Say, This Proposal Was Met With Disgust.

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The Usurer Said That He Would Put Two Pebbles In The Bag – A White And A Black One.

Then The Daughter Will Have To Crawl Into The Bag And Pull Out The Pebble. If She Were Black, The Debt Would Have Been Canceled, But The Moneylender Would Have Married Her.

If He Were White, Then The Debt Would Also Be Written Off, But The Daughter Would Not Have To Marry The Moneylender.

Standing On The Cobbled Path In The Businessman’s Garden, The Moneylender Bent Down And Picked Up Two Pebbles.

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While He Was Collecting Them, His Daughter Noticed That He Took Two Black Stones And Put Both Of Them In A Bag.

Then He Asked His Daughter To Climb Into The Bag And Choose One.

The Daughter, Of Course, Had Three Options:

  1. Refuse To Take The Pebble Out Of The Bag.
  2. Get Both Pebbles Out Of The Bag And Expose The Moneylender For Cheating.
  3. Take A Pebble Out Of Your Bag, Knowing It’s Black, And Sacrifice Yourself For Your Father’s Freedom.

She Pulled A Pebble Out Of The Bag And, Before Looking At It, “accidentally” Threw It Among Other Pebbles. She Told The Moneylender;

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“Oh, How Clumsy I Am. It Doesn’t Matter If You Look Into The Bag And Find The One That’s Left, You’ll Know Which Pebble I Chose. “

The Stone Left In The Bag Is Clearly Black, And Since The Moneylender Did Not Want To Be Exposed, He Had To Play Along As If The Stone His Daughter Had Dropped Was White And Pay Off Her Father’s Debt.

Think Creatively Story Moral

You Can Always Get Over A Tricky Situation With Boxed Thinking And Not Fall For The Only Option You Think You Need To Choose.