The Proud Lady And The Caterpillar

The Proud Lady And The Caterpillar Story

The young lady had a wonderful garden. She took great care of it. One day she was walking in her beautiful garden and admiring the bright flowers.

She saw trees covered with juicy fruits and clapped her hands in joy. Suddenly the lady saw a caterpillar on her dress. She was horrified.

The lady shook it off her dress, angrily saying, “Go away, you ugly caterpillar! You eat all the leaves, flowers, and fruits and destroy my beautiful garden.

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I work so hard to keep my garden beautiful. You are spoiling it by being here.”

The caterpillar looked at her and calmly said: “Proud lady, I am now ugly to look at me, soon I will turn into a beautiful butterfly. The beautiful silk of your dress is made by insects like me, so don’t insult me.”

“You will envy me when I become a butterfly! From then on, I will be more colorful and more beautiful than you.”

The caterpillar continued, “We are very puzzled by you. Your beauty is temporary. Without clothes, you look like a caterpillar. Only when you dress in colorful clothes do you become a butterfly!”

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The Proud Lady And The Caterpillar Story Moral

True beauty is not in clothes!

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