Boy & The Bamboo Tree

Boy & The Bamboo Tree Story

This Is An Inspiring Story For Students Losing Hope. This Is A Story About A Boy Who Has Lost His Way And Is Fully Committed To His Goal. This Story Will Help You Understand Why You Need To Believe In Yourself And Understand Your True Worth, Who You Really Are, And Who You Can Become.

So, Let’s Get Down To Our Story. Motivate Yourself.

There Was A Student. He Had A Bad Habit Of Always Comparing His Life, All His Achievements With Others, Which Made Him Disappointed In His Own Life.

After He Received His Education, Some Of His Friends Leave For Different Regions To Get A Higher Level Of Education, And Someone Is Engaged In His Father’s Business, Someone Got A Good Job In A Corporate Company, But His Expectations, His Hopes Are Not Were Justified. Justified By Its Work. He Didn’t Get The Job.

His Career Couldn’t Get Started As He Didn’t Get His Dream Job. So He Was Worried About It.

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Despite All His Hard Work And Efforts, Everything He Has Learned, He Feels That Now Everything Is Useless For Him. He Feels That Life Has Defeated Him. The Financial Situation Of His Home Was Also Not The Best.

He Asks Himself Why This Only Happens To Him. He Couldn’t Even Find A Good Job.

He Was Angry Inside, He Was Disappointed, and Now He Began To Hate Himself.

One Day He Went Into The Forest, Sat Down Next To A Tree, And, Cursing Himself, Met A Hermit There.

The Depressed Boy Shared His Failure With The Hermit. He Said: “I Had No Purpose To Live, I Think It Will Be Better If I Die. Give Me One Reason Not To Quit Smoking. “

The Hermit Pointed To Two Plants And Said, “Look, Can You See This Fern And This Bamboo Tree?

The Boy Said, “Yes, I Am.”

The Hermit Said, “I Planted Both The Fern And The Bamboo Seeds On The Same Day, And I Tended Both Of The Plants. I Gave Equal Amounts Of Water, Sunlight, And Fertilizer To Both Plants, But The Fern Seeds Grew Quickly. In A Short Space Of Time, But Despite The Bamboo, There Were No Seeds Left. “

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Now The Boy Began To Constantly Listen To The Hermit. The Hermit Continues His Story: “For Many Years I Watered And Fertilized The Bamboo Seeds, They Did Not Grow Outwardly, Not An Inch. In Fact, Nothing Happened In The First Year. There Was No Sign Of Growth, But I Didn’t Give Up On The Bamboo Tree.

I Sit Down And Continue To Water And Feed Him. Finally, In The Fifth Year, A Tiny Sprout Emerged From The Ground, And After Six Months The Tree Grew 100 Feet In Height, It Exploded Out Of The Ground. “

Now I Have A Question For You, The Hermit, Who Asks Him: “Did The Bamboo Tree Sit Idle For Four Years Just To Grow Exponentially In Its Fifth Year?”

The Boy Was Confused By The Question And Said Nothing. Then The Hermit Said, “Well, The Answer Is Obvious. The Bamboo Tree Grew Underground. It Develops Its Root And Makes It Strong Enough To Maintain Its Potential For External Growth In The Fifth Year, Even If The Tree Does Not Develop. “A Solid Foundation. He Won’t Last Until He Grows Up. “

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So, All This Time You Are Fighting. You Have Strong Roots, ”said The Hermit.

The Boy Learned His Lesson That Day. Now The Boy Understands The Value Of Perseverance And Hard Work. Now The Boy Has Returned Home With Renewed Hope And Continues To Work On His Dream.

Boy & The Bamboo Tree Moral

I Hope This Story Tells You Something. If You Keep Fighting And Working Hard, But You Don’t See Any Results, It Doesn’t Mean That You Are Not Getting Better.

Internally, You Begin To Develop A Mindset And A Foundation To Succeed Or Fulfill Your Dreams, Because, Without A Solid Foundation And A Strong Root System, You Cannot Grow The Way You Want. So Be Patient And Never Lose Hope.

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