Three Old Friends

Three Old Friends Story

Once There Were Three Old Friends, They Were All Scientists With Busy Lives, But They Decided To Meet Once A Year To Always Keep In Touch With Each Other, But This Time The Meeting Seemed Different, They All Grew Old And Began To Feel Their Age.

Feeling This, The First Scientist Noticed That This Year We Are All Here Together Enjoying Each Other’s Company, But Who Can Say With Certainty If We Can All Come Back And Be Together Again Next Year.

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The Second Scientist Left Next Year? Think That You Can Look Too Far Ahead And Assume Too Much. Today I Am Alive, But Who Can Say With Certainty If I Will Open My Eyes Tomorrow To Greet Another Day.

They Turned To The Third Scientist, Who Was Silent, He Looked At Them Thoughtfully And Said Tomorrow, My Friends, While I Am Sitting Here With You, I Do Not Know If Every Breath I Take Will Be My Last, Who Can Say With Certainty Whether One Breath Will Be Replaced By Another.

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Three Old Friends Story Moral

The First Scientist Measured Life In Years, Since Most People Think About The Number Of Years Lived, And We Still Know The Truth That We May Not Have Many Years Or Even One Year Ahead Of Us Life, Instead To Measure It In Years Or Days, It Flows From One Moment To Another, From One Breath To Another.

We Simply Do Not Know How Many Minutes Or Seconds We Still Have Left. So, People Who Are Important To You In Your Life Should Be Grateful Now, In This Moment, And Not Tomorrow Or Next Year, Thank Them Now For Their Friendship And Consider That You Have A Family Right Now.

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