Spiritual Motivation

Buddha Is Among You

The Head Priest Of The Once-famous Buddhist Monastery, Which Has Fallen Into Disrepair, Is Deeply Worried.

He Walked Far Along The Path To The Sage And Told His Sad Story Of How Much He Wanted To Turn His Monastery Into A Prosperous Harbor That Was In The Past.

The Sage Looked Him In The Eye And Said That The Reason For The Disappearance Of Your Monastery Was Because The Buddha Lived Among You In Disguise And You Did Not Respect Him.

The Head Monk Was Shocked And Hurried Back As Soon As He Could. His Mind Was Confused. The Unselfish One Was In His Monastery. Who Could Be Hua No’s Brother? He Was Full Of Idleness.

Brother Poe. But He Was Too Boring, But Then Tadagata Disguised Himself. What Could Be Better Disguise Than Laziness Or Stupidity?

So, He Summoned His Monks To Him And Revealed The Words Of The Sage, To Whom They Were Also Surprised And Looked At Each Other With Suspicion And Trepidation, And Which Of Them Was The Chosen One.

The Disguise Was Perfect, Not Knowing Who He Was. Respect, Thanks To The Buddha, Their Faces Shone With An Inner Radiance That Instantly Attracted Newcomers And Then Peaceful Supporters. The Monastery Has Far Surpassed Its Former Grandeur.

Moral Of The Story

In Life, If You Treated Everyone, Including Yourself, With The Respect That Was Given To Buddha, Our Whole Life Would Be Much Better In Your Workplace. in Your Family In Relationships, You Need To Treat Each Other With Respect And With The Highest Respect, Including Ourselves. Thus, We Raise Our Energy Here On Earth To Another Level For The Benefit Of All.

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