Priest & The Goat

Priest & The Goat Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Priest In A Small Village, He Was A Very Innocent And Simple-minded Man, Minding His Own Business And Focused On Performing Religious Rituals.

As Soon As He Was Awarded A Goat For Services To A Rich Man, The Priest Was Delighted To Receive A Goat As A Reward, He Happily Threw The Goat Over His Shoulder And Went To The His House.

On The Way, When Three Thugs Saw The Priest Leading The Goat Away. They Were All Lazy, The Scammers Never Wanted To Work For Their Money And Therefore Wanted To Cheat The Priest. So They Could Have Taken The Goat.

They Told Themselves That This Goat Will Prepare Delicious Food For All Of Us, Let’s Discuss This Issue Between Them Somehow And Come Up With A Plan. Having Decided On A Plan, They Separated From Each Other And Settled In Different Hiding Places At Three Different Points On The Priest’s Path To The House.

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As Soon As The Priest Approached One Of The Crypts. They Came Out From Under The Bandits And Shockingly Asked The Priest: “Sir, What Are You Doing? I Don’t Understand Why A Holy Man Like You Would Have To Carry A Dog On His Shoulders. “

The Priest Was Surprised To Hear Such Words, And – Perhaps He Exclaimed – “You See, This Is Not A Dog. You’re An Idiot, It’s A Goat. “

The Thug Replied: “Sir, I’m Sorry, I Told You What I Saw, I’m Sorry If You Don’t Believe.”

The Priest Became Angry With This Man, And He Continued On His Way. Having Passed The Second Hiding Place, He Pulled Out The Second Deceiver And Asked The Priest: “Sir, Why Are You Carrying A Dead Calf On Your Shoulders? You Seem To Be Doing So Wisely – On Your Part, Sheer Stupidity. “

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The Priest Shouted: “You Can Make A Mistake With A Live Goat, And Not With A Dead Calf.”

The Second Thug Replied, “Sir, You Seem To Be Very Wrong About This, Or You Don’t Know What A Goat Looks Like, Or You Do It On Purpose, I Just Told You What I Saw, Thanks And Goodbye.”

The Second Bandit Turned And Left, Smiling A Little Embarrassedly At The Priest, But Continued On His Way, After A Couple Of Minutes Passed The Third Shelter.

The Third Bandit Came Out And Asked With A Laugh: “Sir, The Fact That You Are Carrying A Donkey On Your Shoulders Makes You A Laughing Stock.”

Hearing The Words Of The Third Bandit, The Priest Became Very Worried, It Began To Seem To Him That This Was Really Not A Goat, But Something Like A Ghost.

He Thought That The Animal He Was Carrying On His Shoulders Could Indeed Be Something Of A Ghost, Because He Had Changed From A Goat To A Dog, From A Dog To A Dead Calf, And Now From A Dead Calf To A Donkey.

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The Priest Was Frightened To Such An Extent That He Threw The Goats To The Side Of The Road And Ran Away. The Three Thugs Laughed At The Gullible Priest, Caught A Goat, And Tried The Theme With Pleasure.

Priest & The Goat Story Moral

In Life, Do Not Get Carried Away By What Others Say, Do Not Be Deceived By Those Who Want To Take What You Have, Maybe This Property Or Your Energy, Maybe People Can Laugh At You, They Can Laugh At These Things, Who Let You Laugh At Your Clothes.

They May Laugh At The Way You Speak, But They May Just Be Jealous. Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head. Be Strong, Protect Your Energy, And Don’t Be Fooled.

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