Motivational Short Stories In English

Motivational Short Stories In English

Top Motivational Short Stories In English, That Make You Motivate Towards Your Goal In Life.

Always Stay Motivated.

Be Kind To Others

Be Kind To Others
Be Kind To Others

Be Kind To Others Story

On The Days When Ice Cream Is Much Cheaper, A 10-Year-Old Boy Walked Into The Hotel’s Coffee Shop And Sat Down At A Table. The Waitress Placed A Glass Of Water In Front Of Him.

“How Much Does The Sundae Cost?”

“50 Cents,” The Waitress Replied.

The Little Boy Pulled His Hand Out Of His Pocket And Checked The Number Of Coins In It.

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“How Much Does A Plain Ice Cream Platter Cost?” He Asked. Some People Were Now Waiting For A Table And The Waitress Was A Little Impatient.

“35 Cents,” She Said Sharply.

The Little Boy Counted The Coins Again. “I’ll Eat Plain Ice Cream,” He Said.

The Waitress Brought Ice Cream, Put The Bill On The Table And Left. The Boy Finished His Ice Cream, Paid The Cashier, And Left.

When The Waitress Returned, She Began To Wipe The Table, And Then Swallowed Hard At What She Saw.

There, Next To An Empty Plate, Lie 15 Kopecks – Her Tip.

Be Kind To Others Moral

Be Kind To Others, Even If It Hurts You.

Don’t Judge Others

Don’t Judge Others
Don’t Judge Others

Don’t Judge Others Story

A 24-Year-Old Boy, Looking Out Of The Train Window.

Suddenly He Shouted…

“Daddy, Look, The Trees Are Coming From Behind !”
Dad Smiled, And A Young Couple Sitting Next To Them Looked With Pity At The Childish Behavior Of A 24-year-old Boy, And Suddenly He Exclaimed Again.

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“Dad, Look, The Clouds Are Running With Us !”

The Couple Could Not Resist And Told The Old Man.

“Why Don’t You Take Your Son To A Good Doctor?”

The Old Man Smiled And Said

“I Did It, And We Are Just Leaving The Hospital, My Son Was Blind From Birth, He Only Has Eyes Today.”

Don’t Judge Others Moral

Every Person On The Planet Has Their Own Story. Don’t Judge People Until You Really Know Them. The Truth May Surprise You.

Don’t Assume You Are Going To Fail

Don’t Assume You Are Going To Fail
Don’t Assume You Are Going To Fail

Don’t Assume You Are Going To Fail Story

During A Research Experiment, A Marine Biologist Placed A Shark In A Large Storage Tank And Then Released Several Small Bait Fish Into It.

As You Would Expect, The Shark Swam Quickly Around The Tank, Attacked And Ate The Smaller Fish.

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The Marine Biologist Then Inserted A Sturdy Piece Of Clear Fiberglass Into The Tank, Forming Two Separate Baffles. Then She Put The Shark On One Side Of The Fiberglass And A New Set Of Baits On The Other.

Again Shark Attacked Quickly. This Time, However, The Shark Hit The Fiberglass Partition And Bounced Off It. Undeterred, The Shark Continued To Repeat This Behavior Every Few Minutes, But To No Avail.

Meanwhile, In The Second Section, The Bait Fish Swam Safe And Sound. In The End, About An Hour Before The Experiment, Shark Gave Up.

This Experiment Was Repeated Several Dozen Times Over The Next Several Weeks. Each Time The Shark Became Less Aggressive And Made Less And Fewer Attempts To Attack The Bait.

Until, In The End, The Shark Did Not Get Tired Of Fighting Against The Fiberglass Partition And Simply Stopped Attacking.

The Marine Biologist Then Removed The Fiberglass Partition, But The Shark Did Not Attack. The Shark Was Taught To Believe That There Was A Barrier Between It And The Bait.

So, The Bait Fish Swam Wherever It Wanted Without Any Harm.

Don’t Assume You Are Going To Fail Moral

Don’t Assume You Are Going To Fail.