Perspective Of Life

Perspective Of Life Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was An Old Woman Who Cried All The Time, Her Eldest Daughter Was Married To An Umbrella Dealer, And Her Youngest Daughter Was The Wife Of A Noodle Seller.

On Sunny Days She Was Worried ! Oh No, The Weather Is So Nice And Sunny. No One Going To Buy Any Umbrellas What Happens If The Store Is Closed ! These Worries Made Her Sad. She Just Couldn’t Help But Cry.

When It Rained She Cried For The Youngest Daughter She Thought No, My Youngest Daughter Got Married To Noodles Seller: You Can’t Dry The Noodles Without The Sun. Now There Will Be No Noodles For Sale, What To Do As A Result The Old Woman Lived In Sorrow Every Day, Whether It Was Sunny Or Rainy.

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She Mourned One Of Her Daughters. Her Neighbors Could Not Console Her Jokingly Called Her The Weeping Lady. One Day She Met A Monk.

She Was Very Curious, Why She Always Cried ? She Explained The Problem To Him The Monk Smiled Affectionately And Said, Madam, That You Do Not Need To Worry, I Will Show You The Way To Happiness.

No More Grieving The Crying Lady Was Very Excited. She Immediately Asked The Monk To Show Her What To Do ? The Monk Replied That It Is Very Easy, You Just Need To Change Your Point Of View.

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On Sunny Days Do Not Think That Your Eldest Daughter Is Not Able To Sell Umbrellas But The Youngest Daughter Is Capable Of Drying Noodles In Such Bright Sunlight That She Has To Be Able To Make A Lot Of Noodles And Her Business Should Be Very Good.

When It Rains Think Of The Older Daughter’s Umbrella Shop With Rain Buying Umbrellas. She Will Sell A Lot Of Umbrellas And Her The Store Is Finally Booming.

The Old Woman Saw The Light, Which Followed The Instructions Of The Monk. After A While, She No Longer Cried, And From That Day On She Smiled Every Day. Now She Was Known As The Smiling Lady.

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Perspective Of Life Story Moral

In Life Everything Is Connected With The Perspective, The Medal Always Has Two Sides, It Depends On You, Which Side You Choose To Look At It, Because The Old Woman Actually Has Not Changed Anything In Her Life.

It Doesn’t Really Matter To Her Daughter’s Business, But What Has Changed Is That She Changed Her Point Of View, And That’s The Secret To A Happy Life.

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