The Right Person

The Right Person Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Wise King. He Had Two Sons. He Appointed Eminent Scholars To Teach Them All Arts. After Several Years Of Training, The King Fell Seriously Ill.

So, He Wanted To Choose His Next King For His Kingdom. He Wanted To Test The Abilities Of His Sons.

He Called Them Both And Gave Each Of Them A Room. He Said, “You Must Completely Fill This Room With Whatever You Want. It Could Have Been Anything! But There Should Be No Place Here, And You Should Not Turn To Anyone For Advice! “

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The Next Day, The King Visited The Eldest Son’s Room. The Room Was Completely Filled With Hay. The King Sighed At The Eldest Son’s Stupidity.

Then He Went To His Youngest Son’s Room. But It Was Kept Closed. The King Knocked On The Door Of The Room. The Second Son Asked His Father To Come In And Closed The Door Again.

There Was Darkness Everywhere, And The King Shouted Angrily At His Second Son.

But The Second Son Lit A Candle And Said: “I Flooded This Room With Light!”

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Now The King Felt Very Happy And Proudly Embraced His Son. He Understood That The Youngest Son Would Be The Person Who Would Rule The Kingdom After The King.

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