Never Make Fun Of A Rhino

Never Make Fun Of A Rhino Story Video

Never Make Fun Of A Rhino Story Video

Never Make Fun Of A Rhino Story

Once upon a time in the African plains lived a sullen rhinoceros, which is very easy to piss off. One day, a giant turtle, unaware of it, entered the territory of a rhinoceros. The rhino quickly ran to the turtle with the intention of getting rid of it.

The turtle got scared and hid in a shell. When the rhino demanded that the turtle leave its territory, no movement was noticeable. The rhinoceros was incredibly annoyed; He thought the turtle was deceiving him. So he started tapping on the shell to get the turtle out.

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Unsuccessfully, and his blows grew more and more brutal. He struck her with his horn, sending the poor turtle in all directions. From a distance, it looked like a single-player soccer game with a turtle as the ball. It was quite a funny sight, and soon a bunch of monkeys gathered around to enjoy it. They laughed incessantly at the furious rhino and its struggle with the turtle.

The rhinoceros was so furious that he did not even notice their presence. He walked until he had to stop for a second to catch his breath. Now that he didn’t knock on the shell, he could hear the laughter and jokes of the monkeys, who made fun of him in every possible way.

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Neither the rhinoceros nor the turtle emerging from its shell enjoyed being taunted by a gang of monkeys. So they exchanged knowing looks, nodded, and the turtle returned to its shell.

This time the rhino very quietly stepped back a few steps, looked at the turtle, looked at the monkeys, ran up, and shot the giant turtle with such a good aim that it seemed like he was using the monkeys as pins. The anti-monkey strike has turned this place into something of a baboon haven.

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There they all lay covered with cuts and bruises, and even a grin did not slip over their lips. In the meantime, the rhino and the turtle had gone, smiling like old friends And while the monkeys were putting on their band-aids, their leader realized that it was time to find a better way to have fun than to ridicule others.

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